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Sharing the blessings found in the philosophy and practice of Yoga. Celebrating a joy-filled, awakened life!

Welcome to Zephyr Yoga Online. Zephyr offers On Demand and Livestream online Yoga classes that will inspire and awaken your Yoga and Meditation practice. With each online Yoga class, you can join Zephyr on “the middle path” of life creating balance, understanding and a bit of appreciation for this journey we all are on.

Make Zephyr Yoga Online part of your Yoga Class routine. To join an online Livestream Yoga class or a pre-recorded On Demand Yoga class or Meditation class signup or login in now.

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A bit more about Zephyr

Yoga found Zephyr as a kid growing up with hippie parents in the mountains of the western United States. Consequently, with a name like Zephyr given to her, perhaps it was predestined that she would become a Yoga teacher. Her study and practice over the last 20 years has matured to a level of deep reverence for the philosophy of Yoga and as a result, her teachings focus on a holistic method of physical, spiritual and mental health. We, citizens of the world, need all the help we can get finding balance and direction in life. Zephyr believes Yoga practice is done both on and off the mat. In short, Zephyr guides her students through the modern world with a new take on ancient teachings. Zephyr is one of London’s foremost teachers with a style that is both approachable and inspirational.

Zephyr’s approach to teaching Yoga classes is philosophy based, however with sequenced poses and inspired themes she brings the ancient teachings into the modern world with humour and playfulness. Each Livestream and On Demand online Yoga Class will have a weekly topic of Yogic focus and usually has a brief preamble to emphasise and explain the philosophy behind the practice.

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