Luxury Moroccan Yoga Holiday May 2017

Azaren Yoga Retreat with Zephyr Wildman

May 15-21, 2017

I am so happy to announce a wonderful Yoga retreat in Morocco at Azaren. As you can see, this beautifully created holiday home is fill with aesthetically stimulating details, spacious surroundings to curl up, renew oneself and soaking up the Moroccan sun which is all perfectly woven into the backdrop of the Atlas Mountains.

Yoga and Meditation twice a day, massage & hammam treatments, sun & pool, hikes & good food all resting in the most heavenly place. Pure bliss!

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Don’t let Yoga be a pain in your Asana


I have heard a lot of alarming stories recently about Yoga related injury. Many of these injuries are unfortunately serious spinal injuries which can be avoided. This is concerning as the Yoga movement becomes even more widespread and more people include practice as a part of their daily lives. I have been training teachers for over a decade now and as a Yoga student and teacher, my first priority in practicing is that I maintain the health of the spine and avoid potential injury to any part of the body. The spine is where we experience the path to liberation, the sushumna nadi. By maintaining correct posture and alignment, the energy flow through the spine is correct and we can avoid injury. However, I often witness in myself and in my students a lack of proprioception, a sense of where one’s body is in space, the ability to control movement, position and the effort one needs to move the body in an effective way. It has motivated me to discuss it in this Blog and also explore it in an upcoming workshop (February 18-19 To book click here).

In my teaching I usually stick to the same precise script when it comes to the spine. I ask a class to forward bend, a simple Uttanasana by stating “keep the spine long, ground the four corners of the feet, micro-bend the knees, hinge from the hips to fold forward, keeping the integrity of the spine long, neck and head in line, and breathe.” This precise script however, let’s just say, gets varied results. If you would like to create suffering for your teacher and ultimately physical suffering for yourself, by all means don’t listen to any of those instructions and do just opposite! Floppy feet, locked knees, don’t move the pelvis and round the spine forward letting your head hang off your neck as if you are willing to lose IQ points as it falls off and rolls across the floor with your integrity. Moving in this way is a good way to end your relationship with Yoga, this rebelling or not listening or understanding how to move is a great way to create suffering and bring long term damage and pain. Keep choosing bad alignment and you will keep doctors, osteopaths and other body-based therapist employed!

Consider this point that illustrates the need for a bit of anatomical enlightenment; We have a conditioned nervous system that is in charge of creating the patterns of movement we experience. We get this from our genetics, inherent characteristics from parents and beyond. We model from our first impressions learned from all who were around as we grew up. We shape these patterns from our activities, like dance, cycling, martial arts, training our bodies to be able to do the physical exercise we partake in. Our injuries effect and influence how our body moves. However, we can change this conditioned pattern by practicing Yoga or Cognitive breath-centric movement therapies where you create an awakening and retrain the mind to create intelligent movement, releasing old patterns of held physical, emotional and mental movement impressions.

This awakening refers to a condition people experience called “sensory motor amnesia”. The idea is that there is an ineffective pattern of muscular activation, or, lack of, that are so habitual, you can’t sense nor control them. In Yoga, we become sensory (Prana) junkies as we want to feel energy moving in all tissues. We use the sensation to move us to this experience of breath, body and mind union, using the intensity of stretching to ascend the mundane world. However, if we are in bad alignment, we not only feel the intensity of the practice in all our tissues, we will also cause future (or immediate) suffering as a slow degeneration of the joints occurs or worse, tendons, ligaments and muscles can tear.

One of the main causes of chronic pain is either a lack of a variety of movement or an excessive movement of the body. By re-educating and re-acquainting ourselves with our neurological conditioned movement patterns, (through Yoga) we can deviate from the path of chronic pain and find balance and good health. It is said that one of the definitions of Yoga is an artistic expression and a science which benefits us differently, however it is a discipline of the body, the mind and the breath. By awakening the mind and informing it with basic anatomy and learning how to intelligently move the body we can be freer to experience the body and breath to draw us into greater states of Yoga.

This is where I encourage you to seek education. Yoga done incorrectly can be dangerous. By learning basic applied anatomy and physiology to your yoga practice you can make sure you will not become injured and can carry your practice with you for a lifetime.

My objective in practicing and teaching yoga is to restore pain-free movement by resetting postural alignment in stillness and in dynamic movement. The goal is that we don’t just have amazing alignment on the mat, but that we keep this yogic-bodily awareness as we carry ourselves off our mat. One of my teachers (Doug Keller) calls this idea “Tensegrity (=  tension + integrity)” healthy neurological connective tissues that hold the bones in space to find balance, strength and flexibility. In my upcoming workshop we will focus on the evaluation of posture, methods of assessing problems with movement issues, the three diaphragms and we will also discuss the myofacial planes. We will assess techniques for dealing with Flexion and Extension Syndrome, while putting a special focus on understanding the focal points of weakness and stability and how they are affected by our lifestyle and genetic predisposition. Seems like a lot of intense and advanced stuff, but it really isn’t. This workshop is appropriate for all levels of Yogis and especially beginners as creating healthy movement early in your Yoga experience makes it easier to maintain healthy movement throughout your life.

Yogacampus Workshop February 18-19, 2017


Moroccan Yoga Holiday Retreat May 15-21, 2017

“Happy: Finding joy in every day and letting go of perfect” Fearne Cotton’s New Book

I am so “HAPPY” to support my beautiful and courageous friend, Fearne Cotton, who has just published her new book Happy: Finding joy in every day and letting go of perfect. The book is part cook-book, part self-help guide, part autobiography and part reference guide to spiritual wisdom. In it she shares her personal stories, observations, techniques and the tools she has used working to help guide her through life’s challenging ups & downs.

I have been reading my way through her book (I got a pre-release copy, thanks Fearne!) and have marvelled at her straightforward and sincere methods of discussing not only the Happy bits of life but also the gloomy issues like self-doubt, discontent and other dark feelings that can keep us stuck in depression. The book itself takes a look at all aspects of what can bring happiness and very aptly integrates ideas on maintaining that happiness. In my own experience when the doldrums of life have descended upon me I have always turned to Yoga, yogic philosophy, psychology and other methods that serve me in gaining more insight into our human condition. I helped Fearne discover Yoga many years ago and we have practiced together ever since. In Happy, she writes a chapter on how Yoga has helped her in life’s daily struggles. She also very thoughtfully told my story about personal struggles, loss and how yoga has helped to give me more insight into the human condition. I was happy to share that insight with Fearne and am chuffed she thought it worthy of sharing with her readers. She did an incredible job of describing how Yoga and Meditation have unending benefits and applications to the underlying peace we all have the potential to feel. Addressing the superficial self, reversing negative patterns and showing us a deep way of BEING in our life, Yoga is an integral component on the quest for Happy.

I am very honoured to have been apart of Fearne’s life over the years, sharing in our ups & downs during our yoga sessions. Using our practices as a therapeutic tool to find acceptance and serenity in dark times. Even though I play the role as a teacher, I have always felt I am equally a student sharing in this very human journey together, bravely facing the vulnerability we both experienced with compassion for each other and being a part of the solution rather than reinforcing the problems. I know I wouldn’t have been able to face my darkness by myself. I needed a variety of methodologies and safe people to hold space for me when I felt groundless and the faith in taking action in moving forward in my life. Fearne and her husband, Jesse, brought so much light, laughter and love during our sessions in whatever we were going through or facing week by week. I am truly grateful and blessed to have such friends.

Ultimately, Yoga and Mediation is about acceptance and letting go of perfectionism. That we are perfectly imperfect. That we are gifted with life’s challenges to teach us how to navigate down our path skill-fully, bravely facing each speed bump with loving-kindness, compassion and courage to move through the painful times to embrace the “HAPPY” times.

To purchase this book visit amazon

Fearne’s Happiness Project Yoga Video & Interview click here

Fearne Cotton website click here

Luxury Moroccan Yoga Retreat with Zephyr 15-21st May to book click here

Conscious2 Interview

Zephyr’s Interview with Conscious2

Thank you Conscious2 for capturing my story and some of the tools I use in my life. I hope it inspires people to practice and to seek help whether it is joining Conscious2 online Yoga classes, a yoga studio, AA, NA, or Alanon.  I am deeply grateful to Adam Green and my family for inspiring my life to continue to seek and grow.


Conscious2 Facebook Link to interview

YouTube Conscious2 Link to interview


Yoga with Zephyr Wildman 

Conscious2 online Yoga classes with Zephyr

The Life Centre Notting Hill, London

Yogacampus London

18 & 19 February Anatomy Centred Approach to Alignment at Yogacampus to book click here

Luxury Moroccan Yoga Retreat 15-21st May to book click here

Greek Island Yoga Retreat 15-22nd July to book click here

Movement for Modern Life online Yoga classes with Zephyr

Helpful Resources

Alanon Family Groups support groups for those who’s lives have been affected by addiction.

Alateen Groups for 12-17 year old’s who’s lives have been affected by addiction

Alcoholics Anonymous & Narcotics Anonymous

The Recovery Centre in London

Oasis Addictions Treatment Centre and Drug Rehab Facility South Africa

Simply Divine TV

Simply Divine TV asked me to talk about how Yoga and my other spiritual practices have helped me cope, survive and thrive through some of the challenges I’ve experienced in my life. It’s tough to expose your vulnerable side! But, I hope that by sharing my stories publicly I will serve to inspire and guide people to seek help, support and healing. To view full interview click here.

Yoga with Zephyr Wildman 

The Life Centre Notting Hill, London

Yogacampus London

Sunday 29th January Breath-centric Kriya Practice Workshop at The Life Centre Notting Hill to book click here

18 & 19 February Anatomy Centred Approach to Alignment at Yogacampus to book click here

Luxury Moroccan Yoga Retreat 15-21st May to book click here

Greek Island Yoga Retreat 15-22nd July to book click here

Movement for Modern Life online Yoga classes with Zephyr

Conscious2 online Yoga classes with Zephyr

Helpful Resources

Alanon Family Groups support groups for those who’s lives have been affected by addiction.

Alateen Groups for 12-17 year old’s who’s lives have been affected by addiction

Alcoholics Anonymous & Narcotics Anonymous

The Recovery Centre in London

Oasis Addictions Treatment Centre and Drug Rehab Facility South Africa

All that is 🕉️


I am not an academic nor a scholar. I am a practitioner, a student of Yoga. I seek greater awareness in mastering self-understanding on this path of self-realisation through my body, my mind, my feelings, and my breath. My Yoga practice is an intimate relationship between my human condition and my soul seeking to experience that which is beyond words and is known as the source of all knowledge. What am I? I use my body as a vehicle to feel it’s warmth, to sense it’s presence, to know it’s truth as my practice is one of seeking spiritual experiences of this true essence of what I really am. The practice of faith, trust and discipline of the body, mind and breath, takes a personal awakening to it. The Divine within us, as us and which is working for us to wake us up to it’s presence in everything.

What would it be like to live without fear, self-doubt, anger or resentment. What would it be like to break the cycle of suffering? What would it feel like to be content, free, fulfilled, joyous, serene, trusting and still? I love studying this cycle and habit we as humans face in viewing our inner and outer battle. This irregular, clouded, fear-based vail pulls us into attraction and repulsion to desirable and undesirable thoughts, feelings that arise due to the actions we take. I find that all this does is mask what is always there, the state of Yoga; this light, serenity and calmness as a result of stilling the thoughts and feelings within.

As I sit on my mat, I get honest with myself. I create awareness of how controlled I am by my senses, my memories, my habits, my ego, my default of conditioned genetic inheritance. I realise that I spend a lot of my time unconsciously taking action in my day.  I am unaware of which side of the mouth I started brushing my teeth this morning, which foot I started with getting dressed, the route in which to get to my first client. The mental loop of insecurity I take to keep me trapped in this negative bias of life is overwhelming, heavy and stressful. Forgetting this current of awakened perception behind this sleeping untrained mind. All of this colours the choices in my day, how I take action. I am a sum total of all my choices. Everything that has lead me to this moment is due to all my previous choices. It is impossible to not take action in life. Babies desire to crawl, our bodies desire food, we seek purpose. What guides and motivates my choices or actions? Desire. And desire causes Karma, more action.

Fundamentally all humans have four essential desires to fulfil.

Dharma, the desire to know our purpose in this lifetime, filled with our moral and ethical virtues and unique path to serve our duties.

Artha, the means and tools to financially support the activities of our dharma.

Kama, to honour our sensuality, sexuality and enjoyment in creating art, being touched by beauty and relationships in the form of sex and procreation.

Moksha, the personal journey to thy sacred seat of serenity, contentment, liberation and freedom. To be self-realised, to be whole, complete, at peace.

Our desires become distorted by our ignorance, greed and addictive clinging to external objects in which we start this destructive cycle of mis-identifying with our ego. Who am I? I am my status. I am my property. I am my body. I am my thoughts. I am my conditioned beliefs. These all influence our unconscious daily activities and our future choices, our karma.

How do we choose differently? Self-Awareness is the first step. Change the momentum of consciousness to stop and observe. This then gives room for self-study and understanding ourselves as we walk this path. To give us a greater chance, the methodology of Yoga helps point us in certain directions to gather this awakened contemplation in practicing to find our own conclusions to this experience of what we truly are and how to live by it.

In the Bhagavad Gita, the character of Arjuna is a great archer, warrior and devoted student of Yoga facing a war on the Kurukshera, the field of action. He is advised by Krishna, God, educating him on fulfilling his desires to serve the Universal desire for him to win this battle by means of skilful actions.

The image of an archer serves us in understanding ourselves with greater clarity. The archer is seen holding a bow and arrow which are being shot. The quiver is full of arrows and there are arrows on the ground waiting to be formed for future use. The targets are infinite, however each arrow thrown whether or not hitting the target has a consequence, reaction and a karmic fallout.

To simplify understanding for ourselves and the actions we take, there are three types of Karma described in the Bhagavad Gita:

Prarabhda Karma.

The active karma that is destiny, fate and actions that are in play now. These are the arrows in the bow aiming for a target, the arrows in flight and the arrows that have landed whether or not they make the target. This represents all our infinite number of choices that we take at any given time. The choice to entertain a thought, a feeling, a habit, an identification, how we relate, ultimately how we choose to engage with life and the consequences of these choices already playing themselves out creating more karma.

Sanchita Karma.

This is the vault of stored experiences, memories, habits, routines, tendencies, all known and unknown impressions that colour our perception of life. For example if we are in love, all we see is targets through rose coloured glasses. If we are depressed, all we see is dark, heavy and overwhelming targets. If we are anxious, all we see is stress, uncertainty and fearful targets. What we think and feel based on previous experiences and current mood state of mind. (gunas)

Kriyamana Karma.

These are the potential choices as these have been assembled. We manufacture these arrows depending on how we aim the arrow, the motive behind choosing the target and if we hit or miss the target. We have a choice of freewill to shape, pick and shoot which arrows will be most effective in attaining our desires.


Again what motivates and guides us? Our desires. Becoming clearer on what is motivating us is key. Through Asana, Pranayama, contemplation, prayer, mantra and meditation we become more skilful in understanding what is driving us. We empower the ability to see, be awake, be aware of our conditioned reactions and learn to delay this impulse to see how to respond. This is called Viveka, or a keen discernment, non-judgemental awareness, discriminating awareness lead by this essence of the truest part of you. It is the source of all knowledge that is illuminated by pure conscious awareness. To be able to master this ability to see with clarity, we must practice, Abhyasa. This is a regular focused practice, dedicated to the path of self-study and contemplation in search for this inner truth. This practice is only completed by the ability to willingly and lovingly surrenderer what is found, Viaragya. The goal for the Yogi is to stay in the detached witnessing awareness, bespoking one’s practices for regular and consistent dedication in facing challenging situations remaining awake in the known essence of what we are and taking skilful action in fulfilling our four desires.

So, we practice with meditation to gain understanding and knowledge of the accumulated impressions and choices we hold in our quiver. We strive to recognise and be ready to remove the arrows that don’t serve us, our community and our ultimate desires. We also take responsibility for the arrows that missed targets. We become accountable for our actions and make amends to those we have harmed due to our ignorant and mislead choices. As we become humbled by accepting our part in this story of life we improve our aim. We become a better archer which then reduces karma as we hit the desired target with clarity of mind, heart and spirit.

It is suggested that the archer can take paths to this freedom or Moksha revealed in the Bhagavad Gita. The four paths are:

The path of Karma Yoga, yoga of action.

The path of Jnana Yoga, the yoga of knowledge.

The path of Raja Yoga, the yoga of meditation.

The path of Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion.

Just being a good skilful archer doesn’t itself bring enlightenment. The archer is a student who embraces three techniques to perfect this skill in hopes of gaining self-awareness, mastery of self-knowledge and experiencing self-actualisation:

Tapas: Austerity, the heat of self-practice, discipline and patience in sitting with the causes of suffering to experience self-realisation. The stamina and willpower to skilfully master the path of Karma Yoga.

Svadhyaya: Self-study, the inquiry inwards by education in all forms, spiritual scripture, teachings by others that have come before you to gain insight into the truth of things by the means of Jnana Yoga.

Ishvara Pranidhana: Self-surrender, the letting go of oneself and actions to the source of all knowledge and higher reality. The act of handing one’s own will and life over to the care of a power greater within devoting all fruits received from tapas and svadhyaya to serve the universal dharma. Bhakti and Raja Yoga.

The image below symbolises the mastery of karma by directing the arrow from the earthly form up the central channel, sushumna nadi, merging with the causal form of pure consciousness. Then one can be ultimately free from the cycle of birth, life and death.


I haven’t reached enlightenment. I am a daughter, wife, mother, friend, a teacher amongst my titles and all of these roles are teachers that help point me to the truth that I choose; to be a student of Yoga and Meditation. I seek to experience more moments where I am aware-ful and awake-ful of the essence of my own being, to open myself to receive those teachings that reveal the light of knowledge within me, ultimately to allow that light to guide my actions as I navigate down this path of mine practicing these principles of Yoga in all of my affairs.

OM TAT SAT “all that is,” is supreme absolute truth. That this truth is within us, as us, and all around us, working for us to wake us up to its presence in everything. We are whole, complete, free, joyous, serene, and fulfilled now. This moment, when all thoughts and feelings are stilled, experiencing the essence of who we really are, now the teachings of Yoga can begin.


Upcoming workshops & retreats with Zephyr Wildman:

Sunday 29th January Breath-centric Kriya Practice Workshop at The Life Centre Notting Hill to book click here

18 & 19 February Anatomy Centred Approach to Alignment at Yogacampus to book click here

Luxury Moroccan Yoga Retreat 15-21st May to book click here

Greek Island Yoga Retreat 15-22nd July to book click here

Free Flow Fulfilment


I had an experience the weekend before last in which I saw the beautiful example of me being very human and the influence of my practices of Yoga unfold. To set the scene; last Friday night I found myself in discomfort after a full week of teaching a sequence inspired by the Bhagavad Gita. The practice was not the cause of my discomfort but the timing of the dis-ease and the subject matter for the week was a remarkable concurrence that would trigger a bit of reflection during a long day at the A&E and a few days of recovery afterward.

By Saturday morning the discomfort increased into upper abdominal spasms which were as intense as birthing labour and came in waves like contractions. Every 2-3 minutes my stomach would roll in a wave of sharp intensity which would double me over into the foetal position for the next 24 hours. Finally, my husband convinced me to go to the hospital and be seen by doctors who assessed from an X-ray that the probable cause of my dis-ease was a narrowing of my small intestine in two places. This, possible twisted gut, had caused blockages in my bowels resulting in a spastic stomach. It also gave my husband, Christian, more fuel for his persistent teasing on the subjects of my Yogic lectures often lovingly accusing me of being “full of shit.” However, as I reflect and experience a deeper insight into the weird synchronistic ways our lives weave and try to teach us deeper lessons that point to the universal answer, this experience became more and more apropos.

A little over five years ago I was at the same hospital. My late husband, Adam, was diagnosed with cancer at this hospital, he had chemotherapy at this hospital and this past Sunday, the 8th of January, was the 5th anniversary of his death. Five years ago to the day I was in that hospital, doubled over in excruciating pain, slowly becoming aware of parallels and relevance to this week’s subject matter in yoga class (not so full of shit after all!) Instead of the planned day with the children, helping my girls process the loss of their daddy on this anniversary I was in the A&E facing my humanness, physical vulnerability, and projection of suffering that my girls would face if I wasn’t okay. I was processing thoughts and questions: What if I die? What if there is more pain? What if my life changes dramatically? What did Adam face during his experience, just as many other people who are in the hospital now? However, behind this ripple of thought and emotional disturbance was a peaceful content, knowing that whatever happened, that it will be okay.

I didn’t share this with Christian, however I know he was aware of the strange correlation of timing. I had an urge to share this with the nurse who wheeled me to the x-ray department, I didn’t. What stopped me was that clarity I had and understanding that it was my ego wanting validation, attention and identification. I sat with my humanness as a student of this Yoga practice and studied myself. I was curled up in a little ball observing a familiar detached awareness I have practiced with during my asana. With each physical wave of pain, I sensed myself saying “I am the one witnessing my body experience the stomach spasm.” Even as I fell into a sleep (almost like yoga nidra) I was still aware in a lucid way of the physical sensations and mental thought that was woven with the emotional thoughts, and the questions that arose. As I acknowledged those questions and acknowledged my lack of answers a wave of deep compassion for all of us swelled in me, I was aware that we will all face the inevitable; change, ageing, disease, illness and death. These experiences in life hold a mirror up for us to see how vulnerable and ignorant we are in masking the reality. No amount of money, clothes, friends, validation, pain, bliss, numbing of feeling or corrective surgery is going to save us from the inevitable. Distracting ourselves with the pursuit of these things nurtures that ignorance.

How do we balance being very human (with our imperfect bodies, thoughts and emotions) and being a seeker of this Yogic state of pure being? The answer: practice. Coincidentally, as I have been lying  in bed for the past few days, I have been revising a text from Patanjali sutras for an upcoming workshop and the first 4 sutras were experienced in perfect performance.

1.4 vrttisarupyamitaratra:

If I don’t practice getting myself into the state of Yoga, I become identified by the mental-emotional fluctuations of all my experiences. That I am my pain, I am my fearful thoughts, I am my fearful emotions, I am the projected suffering of my children and husband. This becomes my reality, the delusional sense of who I am. Identified by things that are changing all the time; thoughts, moods, physical sensations and social identities.

1.3 tada drastuh svarupe vasthanam:

The next skill is to then choose to turn to the Perceiver within, that experiences abiding in the state of fundamentally what I am; pure awareness. Which I experience as a felt sense of joy, contentment, serenity and liberation from this humanness.

1.2 yogascittavrttinirodhah:

I found moments of stillness during my ordeal at the hospital as I have done before in practice. Through years of cultivating self-awareness and understanding my conditioned mind-stuff-filter, I learned how to create clarity in that filter. I can just be held in a state of intimacy, of is-ness or being. Words I find minimise this experience and cheapen it as it is a personal awakening to this spontaneous revelation. Yoga is the result of practice, not the practice itself. And only when experienced, this unsurpassed stillness state of consciousness, that the traditional teachings of yoga, (1.1) atha yoganusasanam (the final sutra) can begin.

A week after my ordeal, I am relieved, I am no longer (literally or figuratively) full of shit, my bowels are finding their normal rhythm and a beautiful insight has been learned from this shitty experience.

Those who know me will find amusement at how ironic this is as I am the one who will laugh far too loud at any bodily function or topic of toilet humour. I offer my story of a stuck poo to teach the deeper meaning of why we practice Yoga and to remind us all that it is the path and the experiences that make us, not so much what we are full of rather how we have reacted to that fulfilment. Happy New Year and here’s to free flowing bowels!

Upcoming workshops & retreats with Zephyr Wildman:

Sunday 29th January Breath-centric Kriya Practice Workshop at The Life Centre Notting Hill to book click here

18 & 19 February Anatomy Centred Approach to Alignment at Yogacampus to book click here

Luxury Moroccan Yoga Retreat 15-21st May to book click here

Greek Island Yoga Retreat 15-22nd July to book click here

Yoga Retreats 2017

For the past few years my time has been filled with some amazing experiences at yoga retreats around the world. I have been very fortunate to have visited some incredible locations with some wonderful, generous-spirited people from all over practicing yoga, laughing and connecting with new friends as well as the new places I have visited. Embracing the start of 2017 I am extending an invitation to you to open yourself to new adventures, visiting new places and traveling down new paths together. Come join me on a yoga retreat this year!
I want to share with you (as well as anyone you may know who might want to come along) a path of self-discovery, healing and practice in the most beautiful surroundings I have found yet. There are two opportunities this year to go on retreat with me, the first to exotic Morocco and the second to historical Greece.
Going on Yoga Retreats gives us the space to practice in beautiful, nurturing places, filled with wholesome food, sun and like-minded people to share the wisdom of yoga and meditation. I will be offering, on both retreats, a deeper experience in breath-centric yoga asana. This is the healing approach of weaving movement, breath-work and intention into a holistic practice. We will explore Kriya and Mudra techniques, which are the yogic way of purification and concentration of life force to facilitate meditation.
Azaren in Morocco is a unique jewel, a private residence filled with aesthetically pleasing art from all over the world. The rooms in our private retreat for the week are distinctly eccentric in decor. 4 bedrooms/ensuite in the main house and 5 villas on premises as well as a pool, gym, tennis court, spa/hammam, 3 fresh meals a day, and Yoga! All of this embraced by the Atlas Mountains and Moroccan sun. Azaren is located 35 mins away from Marrakech Menara Airport. Click here for more information or to book.
Itha108 located on the island of Ithaca, Greece is a historic oasis. This destination is a purpose built Yoga Centre with  three yoga platforms depending on the time of day and mood of group in which to practice on. High up in the hills with a constant warm mediterranean breeze it has a sea-view and the fresh locally grown and harvested food. Peaceful and beautiful, Itha108 is the perfect location for us to lose ourselves in our practice and discover a new path to serenity. Accommodation is immaculate, simple and comfortable. Click here for more information or to book.
I hope you will join me. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to book. And please pass this to anyone you know who would be interested in joining our adventures!
Blessings and BIG LOVE!

Full Moon Resolve

From my morning full moon meditation. I resolve my self-doubt, insecurities and fears. I bravely face every moment honouring myself. Seeking joy, connection, contentment and love, to ultimately celebrate a faith filled, fearless awakened life. 

I go into every experience fearlessly connecting to my unique power and experienced wisdom with confidence, self-belief and intimately sharing the beauty of me. 

Everyday I honour the best of myself. I open myself to receive those teachings that reveal the light of knowledge in me. 

We honour our past to inform our present and deeply connect to the source of all knowledge within us as us and works through us experiencing the delight and shimmering beauty reality is. 

The Moon is pulling me close, drawing me in and whispering it’s sweet nectar of wisdom. May we all be touched, radiant with the source of all knowledge to illuminate and elevate us 🌕 

Photo taken by Sophie Fauchier 

Applied Yoga Philosophy & Psychology with Zephyr Wildman 4th December 2016 at

Version 2The definition of Yoga has roots firmly grounded in a focus on self-understanding. The more we understand ourselves, our habits and our suffering the more we have choices to align ourselves with the true path and the state of balanced flow. The equilibrium and harmony of a balanced life takes in to account the spiritual, the mental and the physical. Yoga, at its fundamental core is an exercise in developing and refining a strong and balanced state for all three. Yoga puts the same amount of emphasis on, and gives an equal importance to, the emotional health as it does physical health.

This one-day workshop taps into the Yogic roots of holistic health and focuses on the skill in action yoga creates, helping to bring self-knowledge and the ability to identify and enact constant beneficial corrections as we follow our path. We will use Vinyasa, applied Yogic philosophy and psychology, as well as Meditation and Yoga Nidra to create bespoke therapies for the sufferings of our clients, our students and most importantly, ourselves.

We will discuss the basic neuroscience, behavioural patterns and simple techniques to support strategies in enhancing emotional well-being in a yoga practice. Zephyr will lecture on yogic theories and begin to map out the foundation in bespoking a client’s therapy to a client’s condition. Emphasis will be on seeing a holistic picture of a client by using the yogic sciences and techniques as resources to address imbalances.

To book

Itha108 Greek Island Yoga Retreat with Zephyr Wildman, 15-22 July 2017


Itha108 is a Greek island retreat set in a place of outstanding natural beauty, providing a space specifically for peace, relaxation and practice.

Ithaca, home of Itha108, is one of the smallest in the Ionian islands that is radiating with Grecian authenticity. It’s shores play host to a long Homeric and mythical history whose many mysteries are sensed amongst animated panorama and secretive coves. Itha108 overlooks the sea and the eastern coastline of neighbouring Kefalonia from an elevated wilderness of olive trees and exposed rocks that provide the elements around which it is built, allowing its natural beauty to speak for itself. An emphasis on indoor-outdoor living ensures full use of the land and its treasures that extend to sweeping and hidden beaches below.


Our practice will include Yogic Lectures, Asana, Pranayama, Kriyas, Mediation and Mantra practices. Yoga will be 2 hours in the morning before breakfast, 2 hours in the evening before dinner. For more information on the style of yoga Zephyr teaches click here

There are yoga shala options on this retreat which we will rotate depending on day and time to get the best views and experiences.

  • outdoor shala 80m2 shaded by tree’s overlooking the sea
  • indoor shala 70m2, lower ground floor with natural light
  • a smaller outdoor yoga space in front of the main house, fully exposed to the sun for “hot yoga”
  • drop-in shala 70m2, amazing views exposed to late morning sun.


Food at Itha108 is fresh, sumptuous and made up of local produce. All vegetables are organic and sourced from the best of what Ithaca and neighbouring Kefalonia has to offer. Plentiful, home-cooked menus blend traditional Greek cuisine with a contemporary style. For the retreats, mainly vegetarian food is promoted, although freshly caught fish is available on request.


The nearest airport is Kefalonia (EFL). Private transport will take the group to the port at Agia Efimia where a private sea taxi will continue the journey on to Ithaca and Itha108.

The transit is for our group travelling together and arrangement for coordinating flights will be made. Our group will depart together the afternoon of 15th July 2017 and return 8:30am 22nd July 2017. Every effort will be made to accommodate peoples itineraries and include you in the group transfer. Any person travelling outside the group has to bear their own costs. Only one group transit, both ways is included in the price.

Travelling outside the group is at your own expense. The ferry for Ithaca leaves from Sami in Kefalonia.

The sleeping accommodations are: (click on name of room to view)

Stone House Studio

double bed, ensuite bathroom & outdoor shower

Sharing: £1100 per person

Single occupancy: £1550

India Room

with two single beds and ensuite bathroom

Sharing: £950 per person

Single occupancy: £1400

Jungaal Room

with two single beds and ensuite bathroom

Sharing: £950 per person

Single occupancy: £1400

New York Room

with two single beds and ensuite bathroom

Sharing: £950 per person

Single occupancy: £1400

White Room

with two single beds and ensuite bathroom

Sharing: £950 per person

Single occupancy: £1400

Mango Room

with two single beds and ensuite bathroom

Sharing: £950 per person

Single occupancy: £1400

Raas Room

double bed with ensuite bathroom

Sharing: £950 per person

Single occupancy: £1450

2 x Luxury Yurts

ensuite bathrooms

Sharing: £950 per person

Single occupancy: £1400

Large Yurt

ensuite bathroom

Sharing: £900 per person

Single occupancy: £1350

2x Yurts

shared outdoor/indoor bathroom

Sharing: £850 per person

Single occupancy: £1300

*First come first serve in choosing your room/accommodation preference.* 


  •  Group transit from and to the airport by bus/taxi, sea taxi, ferry
  • Accommodation
  • Daily House keeping
  • Breakfast/brunch, lunch, tea and dinner
  • Various hot and cold drinks/water/fruit/nuts/cakes/biscuits
  • Beach towels
  • Yoga mats, blocks, belts, bolsters and blankets
  • Zephyr Yoga manual
  • Infused olive soap, Basil, Lavender, Sage
  • Calendula face balm
  • Internet high speed
  • All taxes


  • Alcohol
  • Soft fizzy drinks
  • Laundry
  • Ironing
  • Vegetable juices for detoxing

Available at an extra cost


The water is collected rainwater and used in moderation, but not spare.  Six bedrooms in the main house are air-conditioned by an eco friendly and sophisticated system. The same is used during the colder months for under floor heating. Stand up fans for yurts and the stone house studio available on request.

Click here for information about July weather in Ithaca, Greece.

Dining overlooking the sea:

  • Breakfast buffet in morning sun/shaded by trees/or pergola
  • Lunch buffet under a pergola
  • Dinner served on a terrace under a canapé of stars and a bright moon. For larger groups semi/buffet style


  • Vegetarian Mediterranean infused meals (mainly local organic products)
  • Special dietary requirements; please tell us in advance
  • Fish on request

Daily House Keeping:

  • Rooms and yurts are cleaned every morning
  • Outside areas swept
  • Extra towels and sheets on request
  • Hair dryer on request

Therapy and Treatments:

  •  A serene cool and shady area behind the main house is ideal for treatments, or your room or indoor shala if you prefer
  • Thai Yoga Massage. Abdominal Massage
  • A combination of Swedish Massage-shiatsu-hot stone or deep tissue-sports massage

Beaches and Activities:

  • 3 beaches are less than 5 walking minutes below the retreat
  • Kayaks and other water sports for rent
  • Car, scooter and bikes for rent
  • Scuba-diving facility
  • Homers House; Odysseus Palace and birth place a 3.5 hour guided tour. Other walks are available
  • A well stocked library
  • Backgammon table, cards and other games
  • Gift shop for browsing

Arriving and Departure Times:

  • Day of arrival the retreat is open after 15:00 and serves tea, fruit, cake and dinner only
  • Day of departure all rooms have to be vacated by 08:00, breakfast is served from 07:00
  • Retreat to be departed by 08:30 the latest
  • Retreats run from Saturday – Saturday (with exceptions)


Contact: Zephyr Wildman, to book.

£300 non-refundable deposit to reserve your place and your room preference. The balance will then be due by 15th May 2017 via bank transfer.

Highly recommend that you invest in travel insurance for your trip to ensure peace of mind.

Look forward to another wonderful Yoga Holiday, this time at Itha108. Beaming you all blessing, laughter and future Yogic adventures!

Zephyr x