Turning Pleasure into Realisation: a Self-Love Workshop

21 February 2016 – London

Join Zephyr as she guides you through this workshop consisting of a short lecture and study of the deity, asana, mantra and meditation inspired by the Goddess Lalita Tripura Sundari.
This workshop will be playful exploration of self love from Lalita Tripura Sundari, the Goddess of Erotic Spirituality of the physical, subtle and casual experiences.
We will study her divinely desirable form as the Goddess, learn from her stories of the erotic play directing the outer-mind into the spiritual-heart. We will use the Shri Yantra as a map to carry us beyond the mundane to the sensual merging of our desire for self-empowerment and spiritual delight.
For the seekers who attend, she will awaken your creative impulses, the sensations that bring us into higher states of union of our male & female aspects, ultimately revealing a blissfulness to our meditation and yogic practices.

Suitable for all levels and genders.

21 February 2016, 2-4pm @thelifecentre Notting Hill £25

For online booking or more information click here.

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