Lalita inspired Savasana

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Need a bit of juicy explanation for the universe? I have just read Awakening Shakti: The Transformative Power of the Goddess of Yoga by Sally Kempton which inspired my latest workshop. Perhaps you have been pondering the power of attraction since love was in the air last week. Or maybe you just need a lovely, re-vitalising savasana with visions of creation, eroticism and a healthy dose of the path to samadhi that will awaken your artistic side, creativity and sensual allure. This is the theme of my latest recorded savasana available now on my web site (see Track 3 on Zephyr In Her Own Words on the right side of the page). This is a recording from my workshop on February 21 where we focused on Lalita Tripura Sundari: Goddess of Erotic Spirituality of the three worlds.

Her power is the ability to carry us beyond the mundane through love making or inner mystical union and leave us with the highest form of spiritual bliss. She is the reason for the origin of the universe and continuation of it. As the story goes while Shiva is in meditation, nothing exists, the universe has collapsed. When she awoke Shiva, the universe was created and union between the two becomes one of the most erotic and enlightening stories ever imagined. The story of their union has become the aspiration of all who seek the divine and ultimate partnership.

She is represented in many stories in many ways but the constant is that she represents ultimate partnership, attraction (actually binding molecules together to create form), activity, bliss and even cleansing the doors of your perception to see the world as it really is: shimmering with beauty (Kempton, Awakening Shakti p.289).

We had a lot of fun discussing Lalita on Sunday, but I wanted to start this week embracing the coming of the new month, with a bit more sunlight in our day, to heighten the shimmering beauty around us and to help arouse the creative play and sensual allure that we all posses. Spring is almost here and with the coming of March the beauty of the trees blossoming, the flowers blooming and the birds singing are all that much closer to surrounding us.  This savasana is designed to help you take a moment to take it all in, the creation of all the beauty, our innate attraction to beauty and observe the creativity and playfulness within ourselves and all around us.


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