Digging Up the Roots of Suffering to Skillfully Navigate the Wheel of Samsara

zephyr 4
Photo by Birgit Tabbarah

Workshop with The Life Centre Notting Hill, London –  12 June 2016

Roots of suffering can be branched out into 5 kleshas (mental emotional afflictions), our choices can reinforce this binding and can stain our perspective leaving one feeling alone, broken and in some form of dis-ease.

Our personal struggle has no “one size fits all” yoga prescription for relief. However, a bit of guidance from suggested living methodologies and a focused mind, heart and body can do wonders to alleviate that which creates the suffering. The hardest part of finding relief from suffering is identifying just what it is that causes the suffering to begin with. This workshop will explore different types of suffering in detail and create an active path to the relief we seek.

You will explore 4 steps to liberation from our roots of suffering, nurturing them with a bodhicitta state of mind, aware-full choices and reinforced practices to grow from healthier roots and soil.

Expect lecture, asana, pranayama, meditation.

Please bring pen & paper.

To book click here

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