Fearne Cotton’s Happiness Project

Fearne Zephyr Yoga Photo

I was delighted to recently be a part of Fearne Cotton’s Happiness Project filmed at The Life Centre Notting Hill, where I teach my public classes. Fearne and I have been friends and practicing yoga together for years and to see her grow, become a mother, change careers and transform into the archetype of a woman all women aspire to be, is incredibly fulfilling.

In our society, it is hard to navigate our lives in healthy, positive and productive ways as the pull for instant gratification, craving and avoidance tends to be at the core of our suffering. It is all too easy to allow ourselves to contract in life, however, finding ways in which we can feel expansion is key to Fearne’s Happiness Project. Discovering and reinforcing ways to be drawn to contentment, serenity and happiness is essential to the expansion.  Things like good food, self-care, moderate exercise, yoga & meditation seem to be the tried and tested techniques in which to sustain the experience of happiness.

Sure, life throws us speed bumps and curve balls and there are no shortages of pot holes in our path but along the way we become a sum total of all of our choices. Every choice we make leads us to where we find ourselves now. I find the more we are willing to be aware-full, awake-full or mind-full of our choices the better we have a chance of making our path paved with more experiences of delight, joy and happiness. This is what I have come to admire about Fearne’s Project as it illustrates this point marvellously.  If we are skilled enough to see that the hardships are there to teach us something about ourselves and how we relate to life and to others and to be able to take responsibility for our (re)actions, the quicker we can continue to walk down the middle path of life and recognise and accept all it’s abundance.

I love teaching Fearne as it is filled with discussions about life, family, love and where we are going in hopes that in everything we can find happiness. She is an amazing role model and cheerleader for finding balance in ones life through constant checks and adjustments of her own life and through The Happiness Project, encouraging others to do the same. I encourage all my students and followers to have a look at Fearne’s Happiness Project and share this wonderful message.

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Published on June 20, 2016