Conscious2 Interview

Zephyr’s Interview with Conscious2

Thank you Conscious2 for capturing my story and some of the tools I use in my life. I hope it inspires people to practice and to seek help whether it is joining Conscious2 online Yoga classes, a yoga studio, AA, NA, or Alanon.  I am deeply grateful to Adam Green and my family for inspiring my life to continue to seek and grow.

Yoga with Zephyr Wildman Click Here

Helpful Resources

Alanon Family Groups support groups for those who’s lives have been affected by addiction.

Alateen Groups for 12-17 year old’s who’s lives have been affected by addiction

Alcoholics Anonymous & Narcotics Anonymous

The Recovery Centre in London

Oasis Addictions Treatment Centre and Drug Rehab Facility South Africa16142403_586783514861031_7144159030986936223_n

Published on February 4, 2017