“Happy: Finding joy in every day and letting go of perfect” Fearne Cotton’s New Book

I am so “HAPPY” to support my beautiful and courageous friend, Fearne Cotton, who has just published her new book Happy: Finding joy in every day and letting go of perfect. The book is part cook-book, part self-help guide, part autobiography and part reference guide to spiritual wisdom. In it she shares her personal stories, observations, techniques and the tools she has used working to help guide her through life’s challenging ups & downs.

I have been reading my way through her book (I got a pre-release copy, thanks Fearne!) and have marvelled at her straightforward and sincere methods of discussing not only the Happy bits of life but also the gloomy issues like self-doubt, discontent and other dark feelings that can keep us stuck in depression. The book itself takes a look at all aspects of what can bring happiness and very aptly integrates ideas on maintaining that happiness. In my own experience when the doldrums of life have descended upon me I have always turned to Yoga, yogic philosophy, psychology and other methods that serve me in gaining more insight into our human condition. I helped Fearne discover Yoga many years ago and we have practiced together ever since. In Happy, she writes a chapter on how Yoga has helped her in life’s daily struggles. She also very thoughtfully told my story about personal struggles, loss and how yoga has helped to give me more insight into the human condition. I was happy to share that insight with Fearne and am chuffed she thought it worthy of sharing with her readers. She did an incredible job of describing how Yoga and Meditation have unending benefits and applications to the underlying peace we all have the potential to feel. Addressing the superficial self, reversing negative patterns and showing us a deep way of BEING in our life, Yoga is an integral component on the quest for Happy.

I am very honoured to have been apart of Fearne’s life over the years, sharing in our ups & downs during our yoga sessions. Using our practices as a therapeutic tool to find acceptance and serenity in dark times. Even though I play the role as a teacher, I have always felt I am equally a student sharing in this very human journey together, bravely facing the vulnerability we both experienced with compassion for each other and being a part of the solution rather than reinforcing the problems. I know I wouldn’t have been able to face my darkness by myself. I needed a variety of methodologies and safe people to hold space for me when I felt groundless and the faith in taking action in moving forward in my life. Fearne and her husband, Jesse, brought so much light, laughter and love during our sessions in whatever we were going through or facing week by week. I am truly grateful and blessed to have such friends.

Ultimately, Yoga and Mediation is about acceptance and letting go of perfectionism. That we are perfectly imperfect. That we are gifted with life’s challenges to teach us how to navigate down our path skill-fully, bravely facing each speed bump with loving-kindness, compassion and courage to move through the painful times to embrace the “HAPPY” times.

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Published on February 4, 2017