Teaching yoga to help with addiction and recovery: a 4 week course with Zephyr Wildman

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Sundays April 22nd, April 29th, May 6th, May 13th  2:15-3:45pm.

Triyoga Ealing

The treatment of addiction, depression, anxiety and other mental disorders is increasingly relying on alternative methods of therapy as more about the root causes of such disorders are understood. Treatment centres and Psychologists are increasingly taking a page from the mindfulness movement to holistically treat patients that suffer mental trauma and the afflictions that are symptomatic of a life out of balance. Movement and breathing techniques have been proven to be effective to aid in recovery for all sorts of mental disorders and Yoga has risen to the forefront as alternative therapy in a science that up until recently focused solely on a cognitive approach to therapy. But, as the barometer for assessment and treatment of overall mental health changes, is yoga as a therapy really all that alternative?

The definition of Yoga has roots firmly grounded in a focus on self-understanding. The more we understand ourselves, our habits and our suffering the more we have choices to align ourselves with the true path and the state of balanced flow. The equilibrium and harmony of a balanced life takes in to account the spiritual, the mental and the physical. Yoga, at it’s fundamental core is an exercise in developing a strong and balanced state for all three. Yoga puts the same amount of emphasis on, and gives an equal importance to, the emotional health as it does physical health.

This course taps into the Yogic roots of holistic health and focuses on the skill in action yoga creates, helping to bring self-knowledge and the ability to identify and enact constant beneficial corrections as we follow our path. The course is designed for Advanced Yoga Students and Teachers and will introduce an adaptation of the 12 steps of Recovery to develop skills that will aid students to identify suffering in our lives and how to move past them. We will use Vinyasa and Kriya yoga, as well as Meditation and Yoga Nidra to create bespoke therapies for the sufferings of our clients, our students and most importantly, ourselves.

Over the course, Zephyr will discuss the basic neuroscience, behavioural patterns and simple techniques to support strategies in enhancing emotional well being in a yoga practice. Zephyr will lecture on yogic theories and begin to map out the foundation in bespoking a client’s therapy to a client’s condition. Emphasis will be on seeing a holistic picture of a client by using the yogic sciences and techniques as resources to address imbalances. Application of these yogic resources will be through practice of Vinyasa flow and Kriya yoga.

The course will draw from the the yogic principles of:

  • Gunas
  • Doshas
  • Koshas
  • Prana Vayus
  • Swara
  • Chakras & Granthis
  • Rasa of Emotions
  • Kriya Yoga
  • Mudras
  • Mantras
  • Pranayama
  • Vinyasa
  • Yoga Nidra

Turning the focus now inward and working on the 12 Steps ourselves, Zephyr will illustrate personally how this method works in creating positive routines and habits to help those suffering. Drawing from the wisdom of the Four Noble Truths, The Eight Limbs of Yoga and the philosophy behind Kriya Yoga, Zephyr will help students identify their own sufferings and how those may create routines and habits that can influence the paths we follow and the imbalances that arise.

The course will emphasise and focus on:

  • The Four Noble Truths
  • The Eight Fold Path
  • The Eight Limbs of Yoga
  • Kriya Yoga
  • The Adapted Twelve Steps of Recovery

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Upcoming Retreats with Zephyr:

13-18th March, 2018 Morocco
Azaren Luxury Yoga-Cycling-Hiking Retreat with Zephyr Wildman & Christian Robertson

4-10th June, 2018 Morocco
Azaren Luxury Yoga Retreat with Zephyr Wildman


My Life Secrets

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A filmed interview with Lucy Edge & Zephyr Wildman

I have known Lucy Edge for many years now as we orbit around the same yoga circles in the UK. With a genuinely warm and affable nature she has always been one of those people one feels safe opening up to. She is known for eliciting insightful discussions and interviews that uncover interesting perspectives from people within our community. Recently we had an honest discussion about loss and love, addiction and recovery and how Yoga and the Twelve Step Fellowship are some tools to create lasting happiness through practice. I hope you find it helpful and that it inspires you to keep growing, seeking and thriving in life!

To watch the video of our interview click here

Lucy has kindly offered a 20% Discount to her shop using the code ZEPHYR20 till the end of January! Click here for Yogaclicks


Lucy Edge is a yoga advocate, a champion of yogi makers and creators, and the founder of yogaclicks.store. She is also the author of three yoga-themed books including the bestselling travel memoir Yoga School Dropout and her first novel Down Dog Billionaire.

For further support & ways to practice

On average, for 1 addict it affects 10 people. Their is AA, NA, DA, OA, ABASLA & Alanon too. We heal together, as a community with a common denominator in which we courageously face our stuff with a great amount of compassion and empathy. Go to http://www.al-anonuk.org.uk/to find out more about Ala-teen and Alanon. We are an anonymous group, however not secret. I am consciously breaking my anonymity to make london aware these groups are here to support if needed.

I will be teaching a 4 part workshop the 22nd, 29th April, 6th, 13th May at Triyoga
Teaching Yoga to help with Addiction and Recovery Workshop with Zephyr Wildman  click here to read my blog “I am an addict.”

Try my 30 Yoga for Transformation Series online Yoga with Movement for Modern Life!

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January 2018 Newsletter

January 2018!

I hope you have had a good start to your New Year and I wish you clarity in the way forward.

This year is filling up with some exciting retreats, workshops and events. Cycling in the Atlas, Hiking in the Swiss Alps, Walking the Cornish Coastline and many more ways to explore one’s self-discovery through Yoga!

My shared intention this year with you, is to celebrate awakening, fearlessness and optimism in life! I hope you will join me on one (or many) of the Yogic adventures I have planned!

All the best!

Zephyr xxx


Zephyr’s Retreats this year:

13-18th March, 2018 Morocco
Azaren Luxury Yoga-Cycling-Hiking Retreat with Zephyr Wildman & Christian Robertson

4-10th June, 2018 Morocco
Azaren Luxury Yoga Retreat with Zephyr Wildman

23-28th July, 2018 Swiss Alps
Yoga & Hiking Retreat with Zephyr Wildman & Alida O’Connor

22-29th August, 2018 Tuscany
Secret Yoga Club Retreat with Zephyr Wildman & guest teachers

26-30th November, 2018 Cornwall
Tresanton Hotel Yoga & Walking Retreat with Zephyr Wildman

Zephyr’s Upcoming Workshops:

21st January 2-4pm at The Life Centre
Parayoga Inspired Workshop with Zephyr Wildman

24th February 2-4:30pm at Triyoga
The Koshas: 5 Spiralling Layers of Being with Zephyr Wildman

22nd, 29th April, 6th, 13th May at Triyoga
Teaching Yoga to Help with Addiction and Recovery Workshop with Zephyr Wildman 
click here to read my blog “I am an addict.” Booking will open next week.

Yoga Teacher Training with Zephyr:

16-20th October at Innerseed Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Applied Yoga as a Therapeutic Tool to Heal – Yoga Teacher Anatomy & Physiology Training
Zephyr’s Public Classes:

The Life Centre
Notting Hill Monday’s 9:30-10:45am & 5:30-6:30pm Breath-Centric Vinyasa
Notting Hill Wednesday’s 9:30-10:45am Breath-Centric Vinyasa
Notting Hill Friday’s 4-5:30pm & 5:45-7pm Breath-Centric Vinyasa

Ealing Saturday’s 9:30-11am Breath-Centric Vinyasa
Ealing Saturday’s 11:15-12pm Meditation/Mindfulness
Soho Wednesday’s 6-7:15pm Breath-Centric Vinyasa


A few more events coming up soon:

  • Rob and Nick Carter Gallery complimentary Yoga Class 6:30-7:30pm Tuesday with drinks & Yoga Photograms book afterwards. 9th Januaryat 5A Bathurst Street, London W2 2 SD. All welcome!
  • Writer and founder of www.yogaclick.com Lucy Edge interviewed me on Life, Yoga and Recovery. Out January 11th. In the meantime she has offered my students a 20% discount use the code ZEPHYR20 till the end of January!!!!
  • Lululemon Westfield complimentary Yoga Class at Westfield with Triyoga 10:30-11:30am 14th January. All welcome!
  • Monday’s 5:30pm The Life Centre Notting Hill Class is an Ourmaladonation class for every 1x class ticket purchased, it supports 2x asylum seekers and/or refugees who are registered at the home office find support in creating healing in the community.
  • I am assisting my teacher Yogarupa Rod Stryker with his upcoming London Workshops; Tantra and the Heart Lotus  & Yoga Nidra with Yogacampus in November 2018. Bookings for these workshops will be later this year with Yogacampus and further information is at Parayoga.

For my blogs and updates of future events visit www.zephyryoga.com or visit my social media FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

Secret Yoga Club retreat 22nd August – 29th August 2018 Villa Lena, Tuscany

The Secret Yoga Club has welcomed me to add my Yoga Philosophy and Psychology training to one of their retreats in Northern Italy this summer.  The retreat, in the lavender scented hills of Tuscany, will include creative workshops, sound baths, intuitive movement and mindful walks with other teachers. The idea is to create a reflective and renewing retreat for those who want to experience a deeper state of self-discovery.

Photo by Birgit Tabbarah

Below are the details from the Secret Yoga Club:

Villa Lena is one of SYC’s favourites venues, there’s nowhere as peaceful and inspiring. Think Stealing Beauty: a yoga platform overlooking beautiful rolling Tuscan Hills, magical secret gardens, a mysterious deserted village, captivating views, figs, mist, olive groves, sky, sun and time out of life.

As usual, we’ll be be offering something unique and inspiring –  working with the Villa Lena artists in residence to offer a thoughtful programme of creative explorations to compliment the daily yoga practises.

We decided to do something a little different this year and create a yoga offering for those who already have an established practise and are interested in developing their understanding of the yoga tradition, how this vast and ancient knowledge evolved and how we can use it to enhance our experience of ourselves and enrich our daily life.

This is very much what we love about Zephyr’s classes, how each class is themed with a carefully considered introduction to frame sessions, as she weaves yogic wisdom easily between asana and pranayama. It’s a real treat to dive so deep, playing with these intricate psychological maps that can reveal neurological pathways, expand the mind and the energy body and guide us into a brighter and more fluid way of being.

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Zephyr’s Zen moment of advice with AsiaSpa Magazine Jan/Feb 2018

AsiaSpa Magazine Jan/Feb 2018.

Recently I was interviewed by AsiaSpa Magazine for some advice on a piece they were doing on “wedding day stress management”.  I was delighted to share a few techniques using Mediation and Mantras for ‘Bridal Zen.’ Below is the exert from the article.

To purchase magazine go to asiaspa.com or visit any magazine publication outlet and for Yoga and Meditation visit me at Triyoga London.


“In the lead-up to your wedding day, I recommend a daily practice of yoga, pranayama and meditation,” says Zephyr Wildman, yoga and meditation teacher at Triyoga London. “This will support and nourish your physical, energetic, mental and emotional states of being. Meditating each morning aids your capability to make clear decisions, helping you respond with grace and connect to the intention of why two people marry.”

And you don’t need to go to a studio either. Finding time in your schedule can be difficult, but setting just half an hour aside in the morning to meditate at home can make a difference.


Set yourself up in a quiet, phone-free spot and decide on your intention. “Setting an intention is like mentally straightening out the banks of a winding river, guiding you to set direction for manifesting your desires,” Wildman explains. “It might be to find clarity or to manage your anxiety in the run-up to your wedding.”

“Allow yourself to be as you are,” she advises. “Notice the common thoughts recycling themselves in your mind, whether pleasant or unpleasant, and allow yourself to feel it. Breathe into it then exhale, soften, release and relax. Do this until the strong feelings subside and you can detach.”

“Trace your breath with your mind and consciously direct your feelings towards a loving, kind and calm you,” Wildman continues. “This process will bring you into the present moment with a greater acceptance for life and gratitude for the blessings you have. Sit back and bask in that inner experience.”


AsiaSpa Magazine Jan/Feb 2018