Zephyr’s Zen moment of advice with AsiaSpa Magazine Jan/Feb 2018

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AsiaSpa Magazine Jan/Feb 2018.

Recently I was interviewed by AsiaSpa Magazine for some advice on a piece they were doing on “wedding day stress management”.  I was delighted to share a few techniques using Mediation and Mantras for ‘Bridal Zen.’ Below is the exert from the article.

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“In the lead-up to your wedding day, I recommend a daily practice of yoga, pranayama and meditation,” says Zephyr Wildman, yoga and meditation teacher at Triyoga London. “This will support and nourish your physical, energetic, mental and emotional states of being. Meditating each morning aids your capability to make clear decisions, helping you respond with grace and connect to the intention of why two people marry.”

And you don’t need to go to a studio either. Finding time in your schedule can be difficult, but setting just half an hour aside in the morning to meditate at home can make a difference.


Set yourself up in a quiet, phone-free spot and decide on your intention. “Setting an intention is like mentally straightening out the banks of a winding river, guiding you to set direction for manifesting your desires,” Wildman explains. “It might be to find clarity or to manage your anxiety in the run-up to your wedding.”

“Allow yourself to be as you are,” she advises. “Notice the common thoughts recycling themselves in your mind, whether pleasant or unpleasant, and allow yourself to feel it. Breathe into it then exhale, soften, release and relax. Do this until the strong feelings subside and you can detach.”

“Trace your breath with your mind and consciously direct your feelings towards a loving, kind and calm you,” Wildman continues. “This process will bring you into the present moment with a greater acceptance for life and gratitude for the blessings you have. Sit back and bask in that inner experience.”


AsiaSpa Magazine Jan/Feb 2018

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