Peak Yoga & Ski Retreat in the Swiss Alps 2019!


with Zephyr Wildman & Ali O Conner

Save the date!

22nd – 26th January 2019!


Enjoy a Winter Peak Yoga & Skiing experience at Tschuggen Grand Hotel & Spa as well as Valsana Hotel‘s Yoga Studio in Arosa, Switzerland.


5 Days of Skiing, Yoga, Hikes and relaxing at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel & Spa, known for ‘Uncomplicated hospitality, award-winning cuisine, superlative spa and wellness facilities, breathtaking views, and the luxury of a private mountain railway – a place of unique moments!’

More details to follow, however if you have any questions contact


Applied Yoga as a Therapeutic Tool to Heal Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Anatomy & Physiology Teacher Training

by Zephyr Wildman

at Inner Seed in Abu Dhabi –

October 16-20, 2018.

Yoga refines our movement and breath. In its therapeutic applications, asana and pranayama become the tools by which we address patterns of movement, breath and being that are at the root of chronic pain, limitation and even disease. Because of the way we’re built, and the lives we live we all face challenges individual in our life and practice, often with chronic pain. Our own structure and patterns of movement often lead us directly into these problems, unless we recognize and change them. Even when we exercise regularly or have a regular practice, we allow some muscles to dominate, leaving others weak and unused. This can eventually lead to pain and injury, even for the experienced practitioner.

photo by Birgit Tabbarah

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