Preamble – Bhava – Feeling of Emotion

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In this Preamble for your practice, Zephyr expands on her recent Podcast – Rasa, to explain how the feeling of emotion and tapping into those feelings is mapped through the Chakras of the body. Each of the 7 Chakras are the manifestations of emotion felt at different parts of the body. These emotions are often created by thoughts and chemical reactions then are created and physically felt in different locations throughout the body. Zephyr goes on to explain “butterflies in your stomach”, “finding your voice” and a bit of “out of body experiences” based on the Granthis.

This is a powerful Preamble to help you find courage and understanding of the psycho-physical-spiritual connection of thought, how it affects the body and how the body can, in turn be used to affect the mind and the spirit.

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