Podcast – Preamble – Buddha smiles through us

Buddha Smiles as we practice the instructions from the Yoga Sutras 

This practice merges the instruction from Yoga Sutra 1:33 and the Buddhist Practice that both point to a Loving Kind way of being and acting. 

  • Looking to sutra 2:46 Stirum and Sukham and the Buddhist slogan “Strong back, soft front” 
  • Then directing your attention to 2:47 Loosening your effort while meditating on something specific becoming more effortless. Recall the work we did on Sutra 1:34-1:38 and the five areas of focus. Now by adding a “Buddha Nature Smile” we sweeten the practice with loving-kindness, compassion and wise understanding. 

As a result of practicing in this way we understand Patanjali’s Sutra 2:48. The goal is to discover the pair of opposites cease to exist and no longer have an impact. We experience the fading of separation and are aware of a new bathing into oneness, wholeness and completeness of Love. 

Podcast – Practice – 5 Essential Ingredients

Yoga Sutra 1.20 (my mistake, in the Podcast I said 1.2, it’s One point Twenty sorry for the confusion) Patanjali states 5 essential ingredients to a spiritual practice;

  • Shraddha – Faith/Trust, 
  • Virya – Courage/Will-Power, 
  • Smriti – Memory, 
  • Samadhi – Absorption, 
  • Prajna – Illuminated Mind/Discernment. 

This practice will guide you to create insight to what these concepts mean to you, how you can refine your relationship with them and be inspired to take these qualities of character off your mat and into your daily life.