Podcast – Preamble – Buddha smiles through us

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Buddha Smiles as we practice the instructions from the Yoga Sutras 

This practice merges the instruction from Yoga Sutra 1:33 and the Buddhist Practice that both point to a Loving Kind way of being and acting. 

  • Looking to sutra 2:46 Stirum and Sukham and the Buddhist slogan “Strong back, soft front” 
  • Then directing your attention to 2:47 Loosening your effort while meditating on something specific becoming more effortless. Recall the work we did on Sutra 1:34-1:38 and the five areas of focus. Now by adding a “Buddha Nature Smile” we sweeten the practice with loving-kindness, compassion and wise understanding. 

As a result of practicing in this way we understand Patanjali’s Sutra 2:48. The goal is to discover the pair of opposites cease to exist and no longer have an impact. We experience the fading of separation and are aware of a new bathing into oneness, wholeness and completeness of Love. 

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