Silatha Festival

Sunday 26th January 2020


Arboretum Charing Cross

Join Silatha for a day of transformation. With various experiences ranging from meditation, yin and kundalini yoga, crystal healing, mindful eating, inspirational talks, delicious food, dedicated teachers and much more.

This day is all about transforming into the best version of who you are as you unleash your inner beauty.

I have offered a 21 Day Meditation Series for Grief & Loss. Using meditation to support, guide and heal. I will be offering meditations from this series at this festival.

Go to to book tickets and more info of the event.

New Years Day Workshop: Self-Knowing as a Vehicle for Awakening

Triyoga Ealing Studio

Wed, 1 January 2020,
10:15am – 12:15pm

Price: £35 

Open to all.
£35 (£30 early bird until 25th December)

Our unique human ability to self-reflect is one thing that sets us apart from all other sentient beings. The continual evolution of our consciousness to be awakened (for those seeking it) to that which is behind life itself is a wonder for us as humans philosophically, spiritually and cognitively. Gives a new sense to the expression; “may wonders never cease”.

This New Year’s workshop will call upon our past experiences to inform our present, honouring those who supported us along the way. We will enter practices that promote that evolution by “burning” that which impedes us from growing forward in our lives. We will draw on the teachings of:

– tantra that increase our capacity to acquire energy to positively affect all aspects of our lives. 
– asana to strengthen our vessel. 
– pranayama to build our vital force.
– yoga nidra to heal and nurture.
– meditation to open us to the boundless reservoir towards inspiring our potential for awakening. 

We will call upon the 3-fold process of kriya yoga as the blueprint to promoting purification, self-reflection and establishing a relationship to ishvara/the divinity of your understanding. This New Year we will plant seeds of purpose and reduce the seeds of suffering thus actualising the light of knowledge within you, as you, working for you and with you to wake you up to its presence in everything. 

“There is a light, that lights the whole world. It radiates absolute truth, boundless will, skill in action and is the source of all knowledge” 5 Creative Shaktis within all of us.
Expect yoga talk, asana, pranayama, yoga nidra and meditation.

* * * If booking for more than one person, please do so by calling 020 3362 3366. Do not book via the website or the second person will not appear on the roster. By booking this event you agree to the Cancellation Policy * * *

New Years Day Workshop: The Art & Science of Vichara Practices with Zephyr Wildman

The Life Centre Notting Hill

01 January 2020

14.30-17.30 at Notting Hill

Zephyr Wildman

Price: £40.00

Book by 25 December for a £5 earlybird discount

The definition of Yoga has roots firmly grounded in a focus on self-understanding. The more we understand ourselves, our habits and our suffering, the more we have choices to align ourselves with the true path and the state of balanced flow. The equilibrium and harmony of a balanced life takes in to account the spiritual, the mental and the physical. Yoga, at it’s fundamental core, is an exercise in developing a strong and balanced state for all three. Yoga puts the same amount of emphasis on, and gives an equal importance to, the emotional health as it does physical health. Set your intention for 2020 be the year of clear vision and balance.

This workshop taps into the Yogic roots of holistic health and focuses on the skill in action yoga creates, helping to bring self-knowledge and the ability to identify and enact constant beneficial corrections as we follow our path. This New Years workshop is designed to offer deeper application to Yoga Students and Teachers and will introduce Vichara (written self-inventory) to develop skills that will aid the seeker to identify suffering in our lives and how to move past them.

Over the workshop, Zephyr will discuss the basic neuroscience, behavioural patterns and simple techniques to support strategies to enhance emotional well being in a yoga practice. Zephyr will lecture on yogic theories and begin to map out the foundation in a regular practice of Vichara and loving-kindness Meditation practices. Emphasis will be on seeing a holistic picture of ourselves by using the yogic sciences and techniques as resources to address imbalances.

Expect yoga talk, in-class journaling, asana, pranayama, yoga nidra, meditation.

Members on a monthly ongoing membership or annual unlimited pass save 20% on all workshops. To take advantage of this discount please book your space at reception or by calling 0207 221 4602.

If you are booking for more than one person please call 0207 221 4602 as the second person won’t be added to the roster.

Workshop with Zephyr Wildman & Fierce Calm: becoming a force for change, from our mats out into the world

Triyoga Ealing Studio

Fri, 6 December 2019
19:45 – 21:45

Open to all.
£30 (£25 early bird until 29th November)

In this workshop, in aid of OURMALA, Fierce Calm ambassador and triyoga teacher Zephyr Wildman will explore the concepts of looking within and shifting our own limited beliefs and thinking. 

Through discussion, asana practice, meditation and a glorious sound bath, you will consider how we can begin to transform your relationships, global and individual, from fear and exclusion into love and inclusion. 

During the practice we will contemplate what would it be like to live without fear, self-doubt, anger or resentment. What would it be like to break the cycle of suffering? What would it feel like to be content, free, fulfilled, joyous, serene, trusting and still? We aim to lift the mask to reveal what is always there: the state of yoga – this light, serenity and calmness as a result of stilling the thoughts and feelings within.

How can we be a force for change, a force of love, from the inside out, from our mats out into the world?

Fierce Calm is a global community of yoga practitioners from all backgrounds and abilities who have come together to be of service to others. We interpret the practice of yoga to mean “to come together and make whole” meaning everything and everyone is connected and that there is no separation between mind and body, or each of us as individuals. Yoga recognises that we are all one. This workshop is focused on these principles.

Fierce Calm is a charitable foundation that aims to remove barriers to make yoga accessible to all, including the most vulnerable members of society and one of the ways in which we do this is by fundraising for our primary charity partners OURMALA providing free yoga (including here at triyoga) to people seeking international protection, such as refugees, victims of trafficking and modern day slavery.

* * * If booking for more than one person, please do so by calling 020 3362 0688. Do not book via the website or the second person will not appear on the roster. By booking this event you agree to the Cancellation Policy * * *

Cornish Coast Yoga & Walking Retreat with Zephyr Wildman at Hotel Tresanton 2-6th November 2020

Hotel Tresanton

St Mawes, Cornwall TR2 5DR

Tel: +44 (0)1326 270 055


I am so excited to collaborate with Hotel Tresanton  in offering a special week long get away with Yoga & beach walking around the Cornish Coast line. Have a look at this unique getaway click here to see photos and to book click here.

Dates: Monday 2nd-Friday 6th November 2020

Single Occupancy: £1700 total for 1 Yogi

Double Room Occupancy: £2600 total for 2 Yogis

This includes:

2 hours of energising vinyasa yoga in the morning and 1.5 hours of restorative yoga every evening with Zephyr Wildman.

Four nights of accommodation in the Tresanton.  There are 4 dog friendly rooms available at the hotel if you want to bring your dog, these will be subject to an additional charge of £25.  Room 1 has a terrace and Room 31 has its own garden.

Delicious breakfast, vegetarian lunch and dinner with a focus on fish/chicken.

Transfers from and to St Austell Train Station (must be travelling on the train specified – Time TBC)

Daily Itinerary:

07.30     Fresh Juice and tea / coffee

08.00    Energizing Vinyasa Flow and Meditation

10.00     Breakfast

11.30     Brisk walk in and around St. Mawes

13.00     Lunch followed by free time to treat yourself to a spa treatment/sleep/walk etc

17.00     Restorative Yoga and Meditation

19.00     Dinner


Face and body treatments can be booked in advance through The Tresanton. A list of treatments is available at

Booking in advance is essential as there is limited space.

Packing List:

Bring all weather gear along with your yoga kit. There are wellington boots provided in all sizes by the hotel but for those serious walkers you may want to bring walking boots.

Peak Yoga & Hiking Retreat with Zephyr Wildman & Alida OConnor 2-8th August, 2020

Arosa, Switzerland is a stunning Alpine resort town in the heart of the Schanfigg Valley in the canton of Graubünden (2.5 hour train ride from Zurich). Known for its lakes, hiking trails and mountain-biking in the “off season” (Arosa-Lenzerheide is one of Switzerland’s best ski resorts) this was the ideal refuge from the heat-wave that hit Europe last summer. In fact, we loved it so much, we are going back again in Summer 2019!

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