Podcast – Practice – 5 Prana Shaktis

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5 Principle powers of creation expressed through the experience of our being. 

  1. Iccha Shakti: the unlimited power of will, determination and drive to fuel us and to become the unstoppable force in fulfilling our intention, purpose and experiences in our lives. 
  2. Jnana Shakti: the boundless power to know from our intuitive wisdom of discernment from real and unreal, truth and untruth, virtue and non-virtuous.
  3. Kriya Shakti: the ability to choose wise actions, that are aligned with your intentions and purpose, guiding you skilfully to fulfillment. 
  4. Cit Shakti: the power of an illuminated mind, clear, undistracted, undistorted. To fully awaken to the light of knowledge resting within and expand in that light. 
  5. Ananda Shakti: the known experience of being whole, complete, at one with all. Filled and embraced in Pure Conscious Awareness that is always present. Bliss, serenity, peace. 

Using the mantra introduced to me by one of my teachers, Rod Stryker.
“There is a light, that lights the whole world.It radiates the truth.Boundless will.Skill in action.And is the source of all knowledge.”

The use of this mantra and the focus of the preamble and practice is for you to feel that light within, to use the light to fuel, heal and inspire you as you reconnect with more meaning in your practice, relationships and life. May you be moved by the true nature of the JOY of being alive!

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