Podcast – Dive Deep with US Yoginis – Episode One Introductions and Reflections

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Kate Litwinko, Zephyr Wildman, Mia Togo

I am so delighted to introduce you to my US/American friends living in London; Mia Togo and Kate Litwinko. I have been looking, for a long time, for some local yogis to share life, teaching and everything in between with…and finally…like all good things that come to those who wait… they appear! 

We’ve been getting together once a week lately and sharing so much that I had a crazy idea to start recording our morning breakfast chats and share them with my Yoga community. Mostly because we laugh so much but also because some of the topics are so relatable to many of my students I work with, I thought a Podcast was a good format to share with you.

This is our first go at it, so a few bumps and digressions to be expected, however I feel our open, frank and individual experienced wisdom lends itself to inspire some reflection and contemplation to those fellow seekers. 

In this episode, we start with a little background on how we met and our desire to find and nurture a community. I think the contrast of where we came from to where we are today is relatable to a lot of Yogis out there who have found fulfilment through Yoga philosophy and practice. The three of us have seen a lot in our combined 45+ years of teaching and our observations of the evolution of Yoga practice, teaching/teachers and trends are on full display. We DO NOT pull our punches so expect a bit of controversial topics but more so, stories and discussions about how we all have been touched by the vulnerability of being a teacher and how we have coped when life feels overwhelming.

I hope you enjoy this format of exploring Yoga. We certainly enjoy putting it together. Stay tuned for more episodes as we dive deep into more discussion and topics.

Most of all, thank you for taking the time and listening to US Yoginis!

Zephyr Wildman, Mia Togo and Kate Litwinko

Find out more about and where Mia & Kate teach:

Mia Togo https://miatogo.com

Kate Litwinko https://www.katelitwinkoyoga.com

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