Podcast – Diving Deep with US Yoginis – Intention 2020

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It’s that time of year which we all spend a moment of pause to reflect on the year ended, lived and the year we have yet to live. With this new year many of us celebrate by placing intention of our hopes, desires and healings as aspiration for the path ahead. Mia, Kate and myself dove into this topic and had a frank discussion about our experience, what we teach and the support we offer to our students guiding them to find their own method of placing intention. We hope this serves you in finding an anchor that can bring stability when you need it, as well as some ideas to guide you as you move forward in the flow of life in 2020. May peace, love and connection (the force) ‘be with you’ celebrating a faith-filled, fearless and awakened life!

Most of all, thank you for taking the time and listening to US Yoginis!

Zephyr Wildman, Mia Togo and Kate Litwinko

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