Podcast – Preamble – Back Bends 5 Prana Shaktis

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Evolving from the work we did with the 5 Prana Shaktis in the previous podcast, this preamble & practice focuses on Back Bends, alternative vinyasa and applying the deeper philosophical insight the teachings offer.

Jonni Pollard has been an inspiration to me and I share in my preamble (forgot to give a shoutout) his reduction of the teachings to this brilliant statement from his book The Golden Sequence: “Life is sacred. Love is your Nature. Wisdom is your Power. Fulfilment is your purpose”. This book is a recommended read to inspire a recommitment to the practices for anyone.

5 Principle powers of creation expressed through the experience of our being. 

  1. Iccha Shakti: the unlimited power of will, determination and drive to fuel us and to become the unstoppable force in fulfilling our intention, purpose and experiences in our lives. 
  2. Jnana Shakti: the boundless power to know from our intuitive wisdom of discernment from real and unreal, truth and untruth, virtue and non-virtuous.
  3. Kriya Shakti: the ability to choose wise actions, that are aligned with your intentions and purpose, guiding you skilfully to fulfillment. 
  4. Cit Shakti: the power of an illuminated mind, clear, undistracted, undistorted. To fully awaken to the light of knowledge resting within and expand in that light. 
  5. Ananda Shakti: the known experience of being whole, complete, at one with all. Filled and embraced in Pure Conscious Awareness that is always present. Bliss, serenity, peace.

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