Podcast – Preamble – Intention

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This session is to help reinforce and embody your intention set in the new year to fulfil your desires; dharma, artha, kama & moksha.

Rumi poetically states “Every heart receives what it Prays for.” What do you need from your practice to restore you to a state of serenity, sanity and peace? Self-forgiveness, compassion, strength, creativity, abundance, acceptance, love, joy, connection, trust… try to dive deep into your deepest hearts desire and form your intention of practice.

To find success in fulfilling your intention I would suggest this equation:

I(d) + I(e) > R

Intention of your desire PLUS the intensity of energy, must be equal to or greater than your resistance. Your resistance is the karma of old patterns that keep you stuck in old behaviour of relating to yourself and life. To make lasting change, keep reinforcing your intention and embodying it as you move forward on and off your mat.

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