Podcast – Meditation – Acceptance to be the Holder of Suffering

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photo by Fiona Saunders

Our compassion begins with the capacity to hold your own pain and suffering with a vast open loving awareness within your own heart. This practice is to rest our attention into the centre of our vulnerability with a tender appreciation for the tools of self-care when pain and suffering are present. Learning new techniques to teach ourselves about our own humanity. This path is raw, intimate and honest. Everything is Spirit, however what is between you and feeling free, peaceful and serene becomes the Teacher.

We are Spiritual beings having a human experience, as well as we are Human Beings having a Spiritual experience. This experience is our ability to touch Faith trusting yourself to discover the deepest truth you can entrust in. A vast loving awareness big enough to hold all suffering.

See your pain and suffering through the lens of this timeless expression of Grace within you, around you, as you. Enjoy the meditation.

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