Zephyr Yoga Home Practice – MFML Workshop on the Mind Map

Movement For Modern Life

MFML Yoga Philosophy Talk & Meditation is about how to “BE HERE NOW”. I will offer a lecture about the Yogic and Western perspective of the mind, habits and pathways towards awakening in acceptance for the now. At the end I offer a guided meditation to into practice some of the principles discussed to learn how to self-regulate and build the emotional and mental resilience to manage what arises preventing you from resting in the now. ENJOY!

I would recommend the book ‘The Upward Spiral’ by Alex Korb if you are interested in diving deeper in the Western perspective within the mind, anxiety, depression and addiction. If you want to work with the wheel of suffering the the Yogic perspective of the mind I would recommend the book ‘The Inner Tradition of Yoga’ by Michael Stone.

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Published on May 12, 2020