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The Asanas or postures of Yoga were originally part of the whole “Union” practice in order to get the kinks and distractions out of the body in order to bring focus to the mind, together with the body and soul through meditation. Our Western culture has focused so much on the postures and exercise side of yoga, that the spiritual and mental side has been neglected. I like to encourage all of my students to enjoy the feeling and high of a great Asana Yoga session but these days, especially as we are dealing with more and more of the uncertainties and challenges of our world, to find time for Meditation and Pranayama (Breath-work) as well. Below you will find some of my favourite Pranayama techniques as well as a few Meditations I have recorded over the last few months.

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  1. Afternoon Zephyr, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful class this morning. I have let the Klesha (death)conversation and let it settle in my mind and body. I have also had to deal with almost loosing my daughter not once but twice, plus I live with the knowledge that I may out live her. When you started that today it was a level of admission I had to deal with….my ego was the reason I am unable to talk to or honestly admit that I may out live my child I really could see the aversion klesha in me.

    I have really enjoyed researching the Kleshas with you and have made more sense than when I have tried to understand them before. I missed last weeks Klesha class and was wondering if I could purchase this from you?

    Thank you so much for sharing your insight and clear understanding of these emotionally difficult subjects. You were clear and made it approachable to everyone.

    Wishing you a peaceful weekend.

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