Yoga Philosophy & Asana Beginners Course

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Beginners, welcome to Yoga. This course will offer a gentle introduction to the philosophy of Yoga and the simple methodology of practice. An understanding of the purpose and benefits of Yoga have helped people get through theirdailychallenges forthousands of years and its teachings are still relevant and useful inthis modernera.

Zephyr Wildman, an accomplished London based Yoga teacher, will guide you and help you build a foundation of understanding Yoga and develop helpful tools to skilfully perform asana (postures) safely and effectively. You will learn key poses and basic alignment to forwardbend, back bend, twist, simple inversions and a break down to the sun salutation (transitional poses called vinyasa). She will incorporate basic breathing techniques (pranayama) and emphasize the importance of breathe and how controllingit is one of the Yogi’s most powerful tools. Finally, Zephyr will introduce some simple meditation techniques. Techniques that, for many, have been the most surprising and beneficial practices found on their journey of discovery to Yoga. Zephyr’s Beginner Course is nurturing and accessible for any beginner or novice.

The goal is to provide enough information to the beginner, so there is confidence in attending general and any Level I & II yoga classes.

Online Course. Book through Triyoga

Price: £60  (includes 7-day recording)

Date: Sat, 6 March 2021 – Sat, 10 April 2021,
12:15 – 13:30

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