Support Refugees & Asylum Seekers

Dr. Lee Watson founder of Fierce Calm & Zephyr Wildman

I am so proud to have been working with Ourmala and Fierce Calm for many years. We have been spreading the word, teaching at events and hosting classes that raise funds for these two foundations that support refugees, asylum seekers and marginalised people. Please consider contributing to their ongoing efforts to bring Yoga to the vulnerable as a way of healing, inspiring and transforming lives.

OURMALA has specialised in delivering yoga classes for people seeking international protection in the UK, such as refugees and survivors of torture, trafficking and modern day slavery since 2011. They also provide high quality yoga classes for workplaces across London and for the NHS, which helps them fund their free yoga classes for refugees. Their yoga programme has been independently evaluated as being highly effective in improving mental, physical health and wellbeing and enabling people to take part in life more. To get involved and support OURMALA click here. To find a OURMALA classes click here.

To Support & Donate Ourmala & Fierce Calm

FIERCE CALM provides free yoga classes, directly or in partnership with non-profit organisations, in shelters and community spaces, for marginalised and vulnerable groups such as refugees, survivors of domestic violence, survivors of violence and conflict, and people facing systemic bias due to sexual orientation, income, age, racial or cultural identity. They also provide YTT scholarships for marginalised and/or minoritised ethnicity students in training delivered by  teachers reflecting these identities. We also provide scholarships to train refugee and marginalised students trauma informed teaching skills. They lead the delivery of the OURMALA studio, community and online beneficiary yoga programme for refugees and asylum seekers in the UK. Facilitating classes with the objective to open the healing potential of yoga accessible to all while supporting the most vulnerable in society within a diverse, welcoming environment of safety, inclusivity, dignity and empowerment. Social justice is at the heart of Fierce Calm’s yoga and they strive to remove all barriers to access so that all may lead happy, fulfilling and dignified lives. To find out more about Fierce Calm and their upcoming events, click here.

To HELP fund Ourmala & Fierce Calm’s ongoing work, buy a T-shirt!

All profits from Fierce Calm and Ourmala clothing range go directly to support our community yoga program. The clothes are vegan, non hazardous and 100% toxin free.

Published on March 14, 2022