Koshas – 5 Sheaths of Embodiment

Koshas – Therapeutic Layers

In Eastern philosophy, the Koshas are considered the energetic layers of your body that surround your soul. Sometimes, they’re referred to as “sheaths” – almost like the protective covering of a sword like a scabbard. The five Koshas exist together and are sheathed within each other in layers. Your physical body composes the outermost layer, while the innermost layer contains your bliss body, or soul. They are coverings or layers over the true self, in this case called the Atman. This comes from the Taittiriya Upanishad that lays out a map, to guide us through the physical, subtle and causal bodies. The goal of studying the Koshas is to cultivate awareness, understanding and effective skills in maintaining, utilising and clearing these bodies…Living out our purpose (dharma) and refining our actions (karma).

According to this theory of thought. The Physical body will disintegrate at death, the subtle body disintegrates at birth allowing you to develop a new personality in the next life time. Then the Causal body reincarnates again and again carrying your karma with it like luggage as we travel.  The Koshas are said to be the most therapeutic tools we have to practically work our Yoga practice to refine our physical, energetic and mental bodies to openly transfer learned information through the wisdom body to the the deeper body and to evolve our soul’s purpose towards liberation. Finally, the causal body disintegrates at the time of liberation when the higher Self disengages from the cycle of birth, life and death. This map of ourselves gives us a deeper experience of engagement with every level of our being.

This series will explore, in-depth the Koshas through Vinyasa Yoga Practice, Meditation and Yoga Nidra. Some of the Koshas have a more in-depth discussion or preamble for you to develop a more thorough understanding.

Either enjoy the Kosha Series or the individual classes

  1. Annamaya Kosha – Physical Sheath – Introduction, Vinyasa & Meditation Practice
  2. Pranamaya Kosha – Energetic Sheath – Introduction, Vinyasa & Meditation Practice
  3. Manomaya Kosha – Mental Sheath – Introduction, Vinyasa & Meditation Practice
  4. Vijanamaya Kosha – Wisdom Sheath – Introduction, Vinyasa & Meditation Practice
  5. Anandamaya Kosha – Bliss/Joy Sheath – Introduction, Vinyasa & Meditation Practice

Published on April 22, 2022