Workshops, Festivals & Trainings

Join Zephyr guiding you in deepening your practice by sharing key Yogic Philosophy in practice.

7 Stages of Yoga Workshop

May 13 at 2-4pm @ Mission E1

We as practitioners of Yoga step outside the flow of time, to awaken and experience the eternal blissful source of the underlining layers of all creation. We strive to enter moment by moment awareness as our focus becomes more refined as we continue to practice. What we truly are, were and will always be, our true nature that is joyous light and always free from suffering. SAT CIT ANANDA.

All Yoga is the returning to the source of this nature where we awaken to Viveka Khyati which is the discerning wisdom that leads to enlightenment. To experience this State of Yoga, we practice Yoga, trying to train the mind to attain the state of Prajna (light of intelligence) of buddhi (intuitive wisdom) that guides us to this goal.

This workshop will consist of a lecture mapping out the 7 Stages of Yoga, as well as asana, pranayama and meditation.

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Path within to the Heart Lotus – Koshas Workshop

June 17 at 2-4pm @ Love Supreme Projects

Zephyr continues her exploration in Yogic philosophy and psychology concerned with the sacred space within the heart. This workshop will focus on the Koshas and offers up a road map to find your way back homeland to experience unsurpassed joy as the true self and honouring the facets of your embodiment. 

In Eastern philosophy, the koshas are considered the energetic layers of your body that surround your soul. Sometimes, they’re referred to as “sheaths”. The five koshas exist together and are sheathed within each other as if layers of a lampshade. Your physical body composes the outermost layer, while the innermost layer contains your bliss body, or soul. Join Zephyr in this thoughtful and extraordinary look into what this human experience is and how to find the core of joyful truth to your existence.

This workshop will explore the Koshas through discussion, Vinyasa Yoga Practice and Cave of the Heart Meditation.  Click here for more information.

Unravelling the Knots that Bind Us Workshop

August 5 at 2-4pm @ Mission E1

Take your practice deeper by exploring Yogic philosophy with Zephyr in this workshop exploring the Granthis. The Granthis are best described as “knots” binding together the physical, energetic and mental aspects of our embodiment. These knots inhibit a healthy pranic flow of intelligence and function of these centres of embodiment. In Yoga practice, we work to experience the undigested information that gets stuck in these layers, discovering what causes the knots and how to unravel them in order to clear space to expand beyond the knot’s limitations.

There are three Granthis that cover six of our seven commonly known Chakras. Each of these Granthis are said to be the embodiment of three Hindu God-Heads:

  • Brahma: The Creator,
  • Vishnu: The Sustainer, and
  • Rudra: The Roarer/Destroyer.

Using the philosophical meaning of these three Hindu God-Heads and their three Goddess Consorts, we will unravel the complexity of why we get knotted up in certain areas. The use of Yogic techniques will assist you in untying, opening and creating a free-flowing current towards seeking the clarity of direct expansive consciousness.

This workshop is suitable for everyone and includes, a lecture diving deeper into the concepts mentioned as well as a Tantric practice weaving breath-centric asana, pranayama, kriya, mudras, mantras, chakras and meditation. Join Zephyr in unravelling the knots and open the pathway to the expanded state of loving awareness.

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Happy Place Festival Tatton Park

September 2 & 3 @ Happy Place Festival

Zephyr will be teaching workshops and classes on the Uplift Stage and Yoga & Stretch Tepee both days.

For uplifting experiences, inspiring talks, breathwork, meditation, exclusive book signings, tranquil spoken word, creative arts performances, children’s workshops, incredible small brands, delicious food stalls and so much more…

Due to phenomenal demand, the 2023 festival will be offering an even broader range of classes, food and stalls from a large selection of independent health and wellbeing brands.

There will be something for all the family to enjoy, with child-friendly activities such as hands-on Craft Workshops, Storytelling, Festival face painting, and lots more. Children’s tickets are available for those aged 5-16 years. Click here to find out more information and to book tickets.

3 Karmas for Skilful Action Workshop

December 9 at 2-4pm @ Mission E1

Action in Sanskrit is Karma. Karma carries the notion the fruit of your actions comes back to you, you can’t escape the consequence of your actions. There is always a cause and effect, for every action has a reaction, for every choice has a consequence. The cause behind your current situation is said to be your past Karma. This way of practice is seeing that life is not just happening to you, it is happening for you. That you’re a sum total of all your choices and actions. That your current life is a continuation of the past.

Yoga becomes a creative, dynamic activity that you can refine the physical, energetic and mental bodies and gain the ability to spontaneously manoeuvre without hesitation to take make things happen. We discover, in this practice, that to accomplish one’s intentions there has to be effort, practice and exertion, empowered by loving-awareness which is said to be our true nature.

This workshop is open to everybody and includes Vinyasa Practice, Lecture & Discusssion, Pranayama Kriyas, Mudras and Meditation.

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Published on April 10, 2023