Zephyr Yoga Podcast

I am relaunching my Podcast to continue to share these teachings with you all! As you know, I make an effort to take the complex philosophy and texts describing the teachings and find ways to offer practical ways to apply them to our practice. Taking what we learn in a Yoga Teacher Training Course and bringing the information into every practice. The podcast episodes are a great way to help reiterate what we learn in class and to further explore the philosophy.

I am using my Podcast at the moment to go back into the archives of previous Zephyr Yoga classes and share the introductions to the physical practices as well as the meditations I have recorded. This is to provide another approach to your studies and help deepen your understanding of the Yoga Practice. There will be links to the physical practices that are on ZephyrYoga.com within the episode details, if what you hear inspires you, to explore how I have sequenced and drawn together asanas, pranayamas, mudras, kriyas, mantras and more.

As you can imagine, this takes time to sort, edit and gather the information and to publish an episode. This is a one woman show, so if you are in the position to help fund this endeavour to share these teachings, please consider donating here. Every little helps and is much appreciated.

If you enjoy what you listen to, please consider posting a review. I truly value your feedback.

I look forward to sharing more!

All the best, Zephyr Wildman

Published on June 13, 2023