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Listen to all the Podcasts I’ve been a part of. Enjoy!

To listen to my lovely friend and fellow Yogini, Fearne Cotton, interview me on life, love, death, grief and breathing again… Click here to listen. Holly & Adam Husler’s Podcast Honestly Unbalanced interviews interesting people in our wellness community with an honest reflection of… Continue Reading “Listen to all the Podcasts I’ve been a part of. Enjoy!”

Yoga Retreat at Itha108 in Greece 17-24th July & 24-31st July 2021

17-24 July 2021 & 24-31st July 2021 Itha108 is a Greek island retreat set in a place of outstanding natural beauty, providing a space specifically for peace, relaxation and practice. Ithaca, home of Itha108, is one of the smallest in the Ionian islands that is… Continue Reading “Yoga Retreat at Itha108 in Greece 17-24th July & 24-31st July 2021”

Embracing Grief – Finding Solace by Expressing Grief

Grief is a part of love. It hurts because we love. And just as we fall in love and want to share it with everyone, social media, weddings and parties… our grief too wants to be expressed. However, in today’s society we find it… Continue Reading “Embracing Grief – Finding Solace by Expressing Grief”

My Life Secrets

A filmed interview with Lucy Edge & Zephyr Wildman I have known Lucy Edge for many years now as we orbit around the same yoga circles in the UK. With a genuinely warm and affable nature she has always been one of those people… Continue Reading “My Life Secrets”

I am an Addict

The subject of neurology has been on my mind (pun intended) since I recently put down the book “Upward Spiral” by Alex Korb. The book as well as my own personal findings gathered along the way explain what is happening when our hungry brain… Continue Reading “I am an Addict”

Movement For Modern Life – 30 Day Transformation through Yoga

Movement for Modern Life and I have just launch a 30 Day Yoga Transformation Series exploring Yoga Psychology and Philosophy. Using the daily themes, breath-centric movement and accessible practices, we hope that this connects you to a current of consciousness in which you bloom from… Continue Reading “Movement For Modern Life – 30 Day Transformation through Yoga”

Recommended Books To Read

Over the years I have collected many words of wisdom pointing me to the Known Absolute Truth of what is animating this amazing human complexity and condition. I have recently been asked by a number of students for my recommended reading list as a trainee… Continue Reading “Recommended Books To Read”

Don’t let Yoga be a pain in your Asana

I have heard a lot of alarming stories recently about Yoga related injury. Many of these injuries are unfortunately serious spinal injuries which can be avoided. This is concerning as the Yoga movement becomes even more widespread and more people include practice as a… Continue Reading “Don’t let Yoga be a pain in your Asana”

Conscious2 Interview

Zephyr’s Interview with Conscious2 Thank you Conscious2 for capturing my story and some of the tools I use in my life. I hope it inspires people to practice and to seek help whether it is joining Conscious2 online Yoga classes, a yoga studio, AA, NA,… Continue Reading “Conscious2 Interview”

All that is 🕉️

I am not an academic nor a scholar. I am a practitioner, a student of Yoga. I seek greater awareness in mastering self-understanding on this path of self-realisation through my body, my mind, my feelings, and my breath. My Yoga practice is an intimate… Continue Reading “All that is 🕉️”