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Free Flow Fulfilment

I had an experience the weekend before last in which I saw the beautiful example of me being very human and the influence of my practices of Yoga unfold. To set the scene; last Friday night I found myself in discomfort after a full… Continue Reading “Free Flow Fulfilment”

Full Moon Resolve

From my morning full moon meditation. I resolve my self-doubt, insecurities and fears. I bravely face every moment honouring myself. Seeking joy, connection, contentment and love, to ultimately celebrate a faith filled, fearless awakened life.  I go into every experience fearlessly connecting to my… Continue Reading “Full Moon Resolve”

My path back to yoga

The way we physically carry ourselves, our posture, our gait and our physical alignment sends a message to the world conveying our mood, attitude and our perspective of how we experience our quality of living. Those that are trained to recognise how the body… Continue Reading “My path back to yoga”