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Bija Mantra and Chakras – Meditation Class

There is much mis-conception about the Chakras. At the most basic level, they are wheels or vortexes within the body that both receive and radiate energy. There are seven of them and they start at the crown of the head and then are strategically found down through the body to the base of the spine.

In this Meditation Class we will use Mantra, specifically we will be using the Bija Mantras which are known as the “seed sounds”, or the one-syllable sounds that activate the Chakras. Mantra is an effective tool for mediation as they are said to protect the mind and the use of these mantras spark a positive neurological effect within the body, energy and mind. We use the the Bija sounds to open us to the meaning of what these Chakras hold, empowering, motivating and potentially healing us through practice. I am not a singer so pardon the pitch and tone of my Bija Mantras, but I will try to express the sound and vibration of these teachings for you to explore your unique resonance and to harmonise the systems and to leave you with radiance from your practice.