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Granthis – Unravelling the 3 Knots Practice

I loved this practice and recently came across it as I was doing some updating on the website. I never posted it because the audio is a bit distracting with birds chirping, donkeys braying, dogs barking, wind blowing and bees buzzing. However, our practice is so much about accepting all that is around you and finding focus within, so, this is a great, unintentional practice that really drives that discipline home. It is truly a stunning backdrop and seeing it again recently made me nostalgic for the many months I spent in Morocco during lockdown. Enjoy, and don’t worry, the distractions are not so distracting when you go ahead and “let go” of them.

I have weaved Pranayama, Kriya, Mudra and Mantra techniques into an Asana Vinyasa practice to support the unravelling of the three Granthis – Knots that cover the Physical, Energetic and Mental Sheaths/Koshas. There are three Granthis covering 6 out of our 7 Chakras. These “knots” inhibit a healthy pranic flow of intelligence and function in these centres. 

This is an energetically powerful practice to effectively let go, expand and dissolve back into the mystery of life itself. Enjoy.