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Wk. 73 – Gunas – Sattva

Sattva Guna is one of three tendencies, qualities, attributes of Nature called Prakriti. Rajas Guna is nature that is active, stimulating, filled with desire and leads to pain. Tamas Guna is nature that is heavy, dense, depressive and filled with darkness to sleep and leads to suffering. Sattva Guna is nature that is light, illuminating, clear and filled with peace and joy. 

When we practice, Sattva helps breakdown parts of life and brings optimal health by encouraging the right amount of sleep, activity, interaction and food we eat.We see that Sattva is not necessarily enlightenment itself but it unveils what is true and real. It shows itself as beauty, humility, clarity and inspiration, and it promotes life that is filled with faith, devotion and love. It optimises health and creates the feeling of contentment allowing for spiritual growth and an increased connection to consciousness.

Sattvic food is said to be fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and legumes. They are fresh, pure and grow in the earth, receiving positive energy from the sunlight. When our bodies absorb the goodness it provides the energy to do our lives well. This can be applied to what we read, watch, listen to, smell…the company we keep. Sattvic Types of people are said to be very grounded, accepting, connected, joyous and inspiring. However, the extreme forms can lean to a Rajasic or Tamasic form of Sattva. These are people that get caught up in external forms of goodness, being seen as charitable, pure, virtuous, pious and holy. These type of people come across as spiritual bypass-ers who don’t take responsibility for their life and those impacts on others as they believe they are “Beyond the world” or “I am” so spiritual. They really feel they have entered Enlightenment Retirement, who propagate spiritual superiority and snobbery.Be careful in following blind faith, spiritual con-artists, and deluded people. We all are human and are subjected to a shadow and light side. 

Two stages in developing Sattva: 1. Purification of the body and mind Right diet, physical purification, control over senses + mind, mantra and devotion 2.Transcendence, to going beyond the body and mind to our true “Self” beyond a manifested form. To know and abide in the self as the self, free, liberated and enlightened by truthThis comes from dedicated practice of Yoga which includes meditation, yoga Nidra practices that lead us to Samadhi states.

A Sattvic practice:Poses that equalise both other Gunas, dynamic and static practice, heading towards pranayama and meditation. Twists, inversions, forward bends, and extensions all promote Sattvic qualities. Does your practice make you feel more radiant?Does your practice connect to the fire of transformation? Does your practice allow you to see clearly? To have insight? Visions? Are you able to sustain the feeling created? Does the practice challenge you to be more self-compassionate, loving-kindness, positive self-talk?Do you feel your ego is “right-sized”? Can you let go of being a human “doing” and be a human “being”? 

Remember – When we practice, Sattva helps breakdown and assimulate parts of life and brings optimal health by encouraging the right amount of sleep, activity, interaction and food we eat.