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Harmonising the Elements

There are five basic elements of nature; Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space (intergalactic medium that suspends everything in manifested form). This practice has a focus on the laws of nature and observations of the natural world around us. Zephyr brings a manifestation of the elements into your practice through metaphorical and literal expression exploring ideas like suspension in space, digestion through fire, cleansing with water and life through air. Fire has always been a focus for Yogis and tends to be a common theme as we use it to create positive change (especially if you have followed many of Zephyr’s classes). This practice, however uses a creative explanation of where all of the elements fit in to our lives and how to recognise where we might be out of balance and bring back some harmony to live within ourselves and within nature in the external world.

We will use hand Mudras to connect ourselves to the elements throughout this practice.