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Wk 103 – Intention of Hearts Desire Vinyasa Practice

Yoga is skill in action with loving awareness that awakens our embodiment to an intention set in every practice.

An Intention is an aspiration or energy that draws us to love, truth and creativity.

What matters to us most?

An intention, whether it is a New Year’s intention or a daily intention you set as a commitment to your care in every gesture, grace of movement, sensation, emotion and thought. This act of honouring a deep desire, listening to your soul’s longing. A personal intention increases self-knowledge, empowerment, and self-mastery to positively affect all aspects of our lives towards fulfilment, joy, contentment and serenity. Whatever the intention is, notice how it impacts your physical, subtle and conscious bodies. I always sense this act of creating an intention is like planting a fruit tree seed. 

we plant a seed of intention, 

water and warm it by our devoted practice, 

so it grows healthy roots facing the darkness as it soaks up the wealth of benefits that darkness serves to teach us

Once it senses the light, the seed breaks open

Drawn by light it blooms from within, 

sprouts growing strong, 

matures over time, 

then flourishes as a result of all efforts

We bear fruit that ripens. 

This fruit we benefit from, the abundance of our produce, we can offer this to others and fulfilling your purpose of intention, we then fulfil a Universal purpose giving back to all source itself.

There are three general choices of where to give the fruits (service) of our actions

Ourselves, Others, or Offer them to GOD, Isvara – Source of all Life 

This service gives our life more meaning and purpose.

You as the Yogi or Adhikara, the competent student who honours and uses these teaching in all affairs, shows up to your devoted practice (whatever that is and looks like) daily. Set an intention after listening to what is the Heart’s desires, what inherently is True for you as you are guided by your innate wisdom of what intention needs to be fulfilled. Cultivate a practice that activates and builds Prana, then directing it to every gesture, grace of movement infused with intention, all designed to find fulfilment in a desired effect. 

Practical equation to manifest your intention is: Intention of Desire + Intensity of Energy > Fear Base Resistance  

There is said to be 5 essential ingredients to be a Yogi

  • Shraddha – Faith. Trusted belief that the Universe has your back no matter what
  • Vidya  – Courage, Willpower, Stamina to persevere through life’s obstacles
  • Smirti – That which is remembered, To strengthen your memory to what matters to you most
  • Samadhi – Absorption, to spend time in repose, resting in the grounded-ness of being
  • Prajna – Illumination, Guided by the inner light of the heart-mind, that innate wisdom, your inner teacher