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Kleshas – Abinivesha – Cave of the Heart Meditation

Abhinivesha is the last of the five Kleshas which are the mental-emotional afflictions that create persistent distress, pain and suffering in our lives. This particular Klesha is triggering and provoking as it stirs up our fears and makes us react in negative ways. Abhinivesha is the fear of loss, the fear of change and the fear of death. This can be the loss of a job, the change of a relationship status or the death of a loved one. Fear of loss, change and death is a suffering deep within our instinctual subconscious, hard-wired for self preservation as well as to avoid it with all cost. It is imbedded in our autonomic nervous system to protect us from danger. It is in all of us as our biological make-up whether you are wise or naive, educated or not educated, if you approach a cliff edge and peer down 100 meter drop you will have the same reaction to flinch, back away or avoid it, all the same. It is natural to want to stay alive.

So why is death so hard for us to face when it is a part of life? Everything has a beginning, middle and end. We can see this in nature, seasons, in our thoughts, emotions and life situations. Everything changes so why is change such a threat? Well…it’s the Ego…damn Asmita. Why would it want to be evicted from this home, our body? In the status quo it has a mind, opinions, beliefs, views, things to play with, even possessions. It has a personality, reputation and perceived importance in the world. Why would it want to let go of family and friends, a belonging, a reputation, possessions and/or the experience of love?

As long as we are ignorant (Avidya) of the impermanence of things, there will be an ego (Asmita) which is fuelled by attachment (Raga) and aversion (Dvesa). This ignorance will perpetuate the fear of dying (Abhinivesha).

To live and to fear, worry and try to control or resist the inevitable only creates more suffering and unhappiness. As Yogis, the practice is to pause, realise we have no real control when it is our time to die and trust in the process of life and death (Isvara Pranidhana). By practicing Kriya Yoga we can calm the Kleshas and face the unavoidable change.

This practice and exploration offers a deeper relationship to investing in what you are ultimately, SAT CIT ANANDA.