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Koshas – Annamaya Meditation

Annamaya Kosha – Elements Meditation

Koshas mean Sheaths – referring to the protective covering of a sword called a scabbard. They are coverings or layers over the true self, in this case called the Atman. This comes from the Taittiriya Upanishad that lays out a map, to guide us through the physical, subtle and causal bodies. The goal of studying the Koshas is to cultivate awareness, understanding and effective skills in maintaining, utilising and clearing these bodies…Living out our purpose (dharma) and refining our actions (karma).

Anna means Food, Physical Matter, Maya means “made of”, “consists of”, so a loose translation of the term AnnaMaya is “food body”. What you eat, you become and eventually, when you die, you will become food for someone else. The Annamaya Kosha is said to be made of the 5 Elements:Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether. Yogis understood the laws of nature to attain greater healthpowerknowledgewisdom and sustain a joyful embodiment. This meditation will connect you with each element, honouring and drawing energy from the manifestation within and outside the body