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Loving Kindness Meditation

Words and their meanings have a wonderful way of painting an experience felt in the body, energy and mind. Certain words can spark a positive neurological effect empowering, motivating and even healing us. They tell a unique story within. This story we will tell is one of Loving Kindness. Using Buddhist slogans to be tender as the body, energy and mind unfold our past impressions, present circumstances and open to a more kind positive future.

Compassion begins with the capacity to hold our own life wrapped in the arm of our loving heart. Our ability to self care through our attention of our hurt and pain, the kinder words we speak to ourselves on a daily basis and how we physically get our needs met. When we care for ourselves in a tender way, compassion will naturally awaken within us, it is intrinsic to our nature. We open to unconditional willingness to reconnect to something within where we feel safe, loved, belonging and connected to a loving presence. When we can face our own shadow side with tenderness, our empathy of others struggles becomes more potent and we can truly sense the humanity that connects us. By bravely facing the shadow side of humanity, we become the transformers of suffering alive in ourselves and others. 

This practice reduces attachments. It increases our ability to let go of the Karmic ties that bind us to the old unhelpful stories that keep us stuck. By giving and helping, even through a simple generous thought and feeling, we develop and expand our capacity for kindness. As we are held by the wholeness of being, opened by a sensitivity to the symphony of sound that makes and constellation of sensation. Be prepared to go beyond the word into the non-verbal realm of feeling, vibration, pulsation, frequency and feeling. Returning to the expanded state of consciousness; free, liberated, state of awareness. Effortlessly abiding in loving awareness as the Self. Expand and dissolve into the mystery of it all.