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Gunas – Tamas – Meditation

Tamas Guna

Gunas are the three interdependent modes, tendencies or qualities of Prakriti which creates the essential aspects of all nature—energy, matter and consciousness.
This class focuses on Tamas Guna that conceals the presence of consciousness. It is a force that we all can be affected by and it causes dullness, darkness, hopelessness, lack of inspiration, apathy, boredom, stubbornness and ignorance through its power to obscure the truth. It is said that Tamas is the darkest and heaviest density of ignorance (Avidya).

Tama’s nature is heavy. It creates lethargy, sadness, procrastination, self-doubt and depression in your being. However, Tamas guides us towards healing by providing the necessary rest, relaxation and sleep we need to have in order to function properly. Obviously a balance in Tamas is key for a healthy consciousness. 

Tamas Guna is the Downward motion, Apana Vayu the movement of death, decay and cessation. It is associated with the Exhale, likened to the last breath we will take in life. There is a lot to be learned by studying the exhale pattern. We hang on out in the exhale when we feel tired, exhausted, drained and lethargic. But we use the exhale pattern to provide the necessary rest, relax, restore, renew & sleep we need. 
There are going to be periods in life where grief, sorrow and trauma is like the dark veil that covers our mind, heart and humanity. Tamas is a part of the spectrum of life. Yin Yang. Good Bad. Right Wrong. Virtuous Non-Virtuous. Using the tools that Meditation provides to help manage this in a productive way is what this practice aims to accomplish. We will bring light to our shadow side and bath in the light of our true nature.