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Nadi Shadona 2 – Meditation

Alternate nostril breathing is a technique that helps focus your attention and refine your relationship to Prana – Life force, creating a clear path to find your way back at home within as you meditate. The three different sequences focus on clearing the energetic pathway from the right and the left, any debris or undigested information that is physical, emotional or spiritual to eventually rest in the wholeness of all three. Each of the three sequences are in a sense, refining two of the Vayus, (Apanvayu and Pranvayu). The Pranvayu is the inhale, receiving of vital force (energy) whilst the exhale is the Apanvayu which expels the energy, expels the waste, releases and lets go of fears, anxiety anything that you have acknowledged and want to rid yourself of.

There is an incredible amount of information or debris that can be worked with in this practice as you focus on breathing from one side to the other. The goal, is to find the balance and clear the energetic pathways, it is about calming, purifying and strengthening the relationship to the subtle body, the nervous system and to help deepen our concentration all creating an awareness to being.

Nadi Shadona 2 is the “Figure 8” breathing technique.

The Preamble has detailed instructions for Vishnu Mudra and how to use your hands and fingers to regulate your nostril breathing based on the element you might be focused on. The Preamble is highly suggested to listen to before attempting Nadi Shadona and feel free to refer back to it before each session.

***Be sure to check out Zephyr’s Practice Tip #3 for a few different methods to practice Nadi Shadona. Its Free!***