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Wk. 55 – New Years Workshop 2021

Unraveling the knots that bind us

Granthis are “Knots” binding together the physical, energetic and mental bodies we call the Koshas or Sheaths of embodiment. In Yoga practice we work to experience the undigested information that gets stuck in these layers, discovering what causes the knots and how to unravel them in order to clear space to expand beyond the knot’s limitations.

There are three Granthis that cover six of our seven commonly known Chakras. These knots inhibit a healthy pranic flow of intelligence and function of these centres. Each of these Granthis are said to be the embodiment of three Hindu God-Heads; 

  • Brahma: The Creator, 
  • Vishnu: The Sustainer, and 
  • Rudra: The Roarer/Destroyer. 

Using the philosophical meaning of these three Hindu God-Heads and their three Goddess Consorts, we will unravel the complexity of why we get knotted up in certain areas. The use of Yogic techniques will assist you in untying, opening and creating a free-flowing current towards seeking the clarity of direct expansive consciousness. 

Start off the New Year unravelling the past year’s knots and open the pathway to the expanded state of loving awareness.