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OM Asatoma Mantra – Meditation

OM asato m? sadgamayatamaso m? jyotir gamaya, m?tyor m?’m?ta? gamaya  B?had?ra?yaka Upani?ad 1.3.28

Guide me from untruth to truth, Guide me from darkness to light, Guide me from death to immortality.

Zephyr goes deep into the explanation of this particular mantra and hopes you feel the effects of weaving this mantra into your practice. Mantras can be a bit “marmite” for some, but if you haven’t tried a practice with mantra, this is a great one to “give it a go”. Long may the effects of this practice stay with you.

Find humility in this meditation and practice it off the mat, after all- You are star dust!

There is a preamble (18 minutes) to this meditation where Zephyr shares with you a bit of background on self-study and connecting to the wise discernment you have within you and how prayer and asking for guidance and finding that guidance from within can crate expansion as you realise you are a part of everything else. It is a very moving meditation (40 minutes).