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Wk 143 – R.A.I.N – Managing the Unmanageable

Happy New Year.

Whether you are someone who reflects on last year and looks forward to the next needing focus and therefore sets a resolution or a goal to attain. Or someone who opens to an intention to guide them to what matters most. This class will offer you a handy tool to help manifest your Sankalpa which is an intention, vow, goal, resolution or a prayer. This tool aids in addressing the Vikalpa, the negative message that holds you back from attaining your intention. This tools is the acronym R.A.I.N.

R – Recognise and acknowledge what thoughts, emotions and sensations are arising on and off your mat.

A – Is to allow what arises some room to breathe. Some space to express the shape, colour and potency of what comes up.

I – Is to investigate, to take inventory at what the root cause of what thoughts, emotions and sensations that keep distracting you from the present moment. I recommend reading and working with the information offer in my Vichara Blog which will give you an in-depth tool to discover how to uncover more of why you’re in pain and or suffering.

N – Is to nurture, nourish and navigate with non-judgemental awareness.

This will be our beginning of our next series of sessions focusing on the Rasas – Emotions and their Bhava – Feelings. This handy tool will provide a positive and productive way to manage the unmanageability of our thoughts, emotions and life circumstances that get in the way of what matters to us most, our Sankalpa.