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Restorative Words and Their Meaning – Practice

Words and their meanings have a wonderful way of painting an experience felt in the body, energy and mind. Certain words can spark a positive neurological effect empowering, motivating and even healing us. They tell a unique story within. Opening a sensitivity to the symphony of sound they make and the constellation of sensation they evoke. Preparing us to go beyond the word into the non-verbal realm of feeling, vibration, pulsation, frequency and feeling. Returning to the expanded state of consciousness, a free, liberated, state of awareness. Effortlessly abiding in loving awareness as the Self. Expand and dissolve into the mystery of it all.

Pure Consciousness as Being

“From being comes the mind. From the mind comes desire. From desire comes will. From will comes the word. From the word comes everything else…” unknown

This practice you will Breathe IN, Breathe OUT using the meaning of IN and OUT and a list of other restorative words to elicit a constellation of sensation through the many layer of our embodiment. 

Body Focus