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Seven Stages of Yoga – Stage 5 – Self Actualisation – Meditation

This is where personal potential is fully realised after basic bodily and ego needs have been Self-Fulfilment. This means that there is full realisation of one’s potential and of one’s true self. Ultimately, it is said what you truly are is pure consciousness embodied.

Spanda or vibration of the movement or wave of consciousness – physical essence of consciousness

Our practice is to attend to this pulse of consciousness and to the principle of Spanda expressing it’s self through you as you. Spanda is the joyful impulse to create harmony and enjoy life. We practice wakefully as we take action, aware of the insight of the nature of consciousness embodied as form, expressing itself creatively. Open to grace in every moment, there is no distinction between the spiritual and the mundane, everything is a teacher expressing itself as Spanda, through you, as you and working with you and for you to wake you up to its presence in everything. 

This experience of Spanda is the arising of the first moments of self-aware perception, like watching yourself enter the first movement into a stretch, the first breath that opens you to this Grace, the awareness of the first thought or emotion that may arise. That dawning of the first wave, pulse, vibration, opening to the frequency of all that is interconnected to this moment. We give it a special openness and curiosity to the natural arising of this opportunity to see into the truth of what is.

How we work with Spanda is using our senses and actively connecting to this creative vibration. This is where the use of mantra becomes a part of practice to stabilise the mind in this wakefulness of the how we are a string in the orchestra of all. Mantra carries the vibration and movement of consciousness to heal, protect, inspire, enlighten and to guide.

So our practice is to embrace this Spanda as a creative expression of consciousness that is Grace arising moment by moment using mantra to realise the true self. What we truly are is said to be the 5 Upayas – creative form of energy of consciousness

  • Iccha Shakti – Power of will
  • Kriya Shakti – Power of action
  • Jnana Shakti – Power of knowledge
  • Cit Shakti – Power of consciousness
  • Ananda Shakti – Power of bliss

There is a creative vibrational light within me (Spanda)

That lights the whole universe (Cit Shakti)

That radiates absolute truth – pure joyous love (Ananda Shakti)

Boundless will and power to fulfil your hearts desire, intention and purpose (Iccha Shakti)

It accesses skilful wise action (Kriya Shakti)

And is the source of all shared universal knowledge and wisdom (Jnana Shakti)

These Shaktis will unfold naturally, in the way you can best assimilate them as you continue to practice becoming increasingly resplendent, radiant, illuminated beings.

There is a light within me

That lights the whole universe

That radiates absolute truth

Boundless will

Skill in action 

And is the source of all knowledge

Yoga is then an ecstatic play of consciousness, a constant renewal of our sense of wonderment and curiosity for life, to clarify and create a rich expression of the deep purpose we cannot ignore,  we begin to refine and manifest purposefully leading to lasting fulfilment, contentment and liberation. Through these powers of awareness, joy, intention, knowledge, and action, the infinite field of potential that is boundless, limitless, endless that we experience as Consciousness is embodied as you.

The Divine play of Spanda within you as this ecstatic expression of creative loving consciousness SO HUM (I am) That Be touched by the serenity, peace and tranquility as the result of all your effort. Feel your capacity to grow and welcome it all, opening you to the extraordinary love, wisdom, grace and power that lies within you all the time.

Jnana Shakti

Familiarize yourself with the suggested steps to practice that leads you to lasting fulfilment, contentment and liberation of what causes pain & suffering. Connect to your innate wisdom body. Listen to that whispering wisdom that guides you along that path of Self discovery. Sense your yearning to learn more, to discover new facets to your humanity opening you to a rich expression of the Self that is true. As you practice, feel each breath renewing your sense of wonderment and curiosity to experience more from life. Value your commitment to practice Yoga in refining your abilities to skilfully navigate life more purposefully. Feel your greater capacity and willingness to acquire new skills to dynamically adapt with Grace and Trust . Open to the insight as a result of practicing Yoga, follow the breath, sensation, light as you stabilise the mind and arrive in the Now. Be here now. Listen, feel and awaken to this moment.

Cit Shakti

Sense the light behind your eyes, in your mind and heart. See the inhale being cool, clearing and inspiring. See the exhale heating, transforming and releasing any undigested information stored in your tissues. Be aware of what arises in the form of thought, emotions, memories, images and sensation. Allow it all to bathe in the light of your wakefullness. This light is to guide you to awaken to moment by moment awareness. Expand your view point to welcome all and reject none as everything that arises in the field of vision is a Divine expression of this play. See the value within everything you think, feel and experience. Remain open, humble and curious to see within life’s ups and downs the importance of what it is trying to teach you. Sense the benefit of the practice of Yoga to clear the lens of resistance, ignorance and attachment to see the path to freedom from that which causes pain and suffering. See the light of your intelligence expanding the mind in the clarity of your perception.

Iccha Shakti

Feel the energy behind your Courage to bravely face intensity, challenge and hardship. Feel the energy behind your self-confidence, your commitment to fulfil your responsibilities and duties in your life. Feel the energy behind drive. Feel the energy behind your wonderment, curiosity to explore all areas of yourself and your relationships to celebrate a life that has more meaning and purpose. Feel the energy behind the need to know more and engage with life as a whole. Feel the energy behind you, that fuels your dedication to discover more about the adventure of life. Feel the energy of the true Self. What you are when you are not trying to be somebody, that Self that is Content, Serene, Trusting and forever Wise regardless of the successes and failures you may experience. 

Kriya Shakti

Gather your resource of energy to fuel your best actions. Pursue what matters to you most with the energy of loving kindness and wisdom. Informed by your soul’s calling, make better choices to best serve you and your purpose in this lifetime. Breathe, move and live with more meaning and purpose. Sense these Shaktis unfolding within you naturally, in the way you can best assimilate them, then use this creative feminine energy to create a life filled with an abundant amount of opportunities, possibilities and successes. Feel you have access to this unlimited resource of energy, creativity and wisdom to skilfully choose a life that is filled with meaning and purpose. Feel your worth, your insight, unique light, your power inspiring you to shine bright, fulfilling your goal, hopes and dreams.

Ananda Shakti

Take great pleasure in every breath, movement and sensation that arises. Feel your strength, power and confidence in her artistic expression in mastery of your human form. Open to the pulsation and vibration of the creative expression of energy that unfolds this expansive joy within you. As you move and breath feel her unbounded, unrestricted, unbridled expression of her fertile ecstasy of supreme delight and pleasure being in your body. Bathe in the fullness of being, expanding beyond the physical limitations and feel her nature of blissful ecstasy through the sensation. Relish in the discovery what you truly are loving awareness that is unsurpassed joy sat cit ananda. Give yourself the permission to breath more fully, to feel more fully and love more fully. Experience your practice is one that opens healing, transformation and awakening to fall back in love with the natural joy of being alive. Celebrate your inner light as this divine beauty SRI. Feel your radiance, your resplendent being within you yearning to express itself fully.