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Shakti – Cit – Meditation

Cit Shakti

This might get a bit controversial in some Yoga circles, but I’m going to say it – Stability is more important than flexibility.

We come to understand this statement through our practice and focus on Cit Shakti. Cit Shakti is the Power (or Energy) of Consciousness and to elaborate on my statement, let’s use our Yoga mat as a metaphor for life. If we go through life bending and twisting to all the challenges life throws at us, great. Thats one way of doing it. You will have a long future of bending and twisting and finding ways of avoiding all that comes your way. However, the alternative is to create stability and to approach and be confronted by life’s challenges with an understanding and an awareness that is constant and is anchored in your core, it is who you are. The lens that you observe the obstacle is clear and you are unwavering because you knew that obstacle was coming or you have faced that obstacle before, but more importantly, you understand that obstacle and see it clearly.

Cit Shakti is the Power of Consciousness: to be aware of anything, the light of intelligence, wise wakefulness, light of our loving awareness, the mind that has expanded in the pure clarity of perception.

This is a great meditation to really focus on what Yoga is fundamentally, as a union. Finding the concentration to recognise the opposing emotion or belief that might be lacking and bringing it into your consciousness to create that balance and stability.