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SO HUM Vinyasa Lunar Practice

Mantra is said to protect, inspire and guide the mind to awaken to it’s embodiment. SO HUM is a mantra that loosely means “I am That” and what is that. That consciousness that is awake in the mind and body. Is there a centre to that consciousness? Is there something static that is You? Where is it? This way of tricking our attention to become wakeful of our awareness and ponder “I am that”

I am that consciousness experience life in this body.

I am that consciousness that is witnessing thoughts.

I am that consciousness that is experience emotions.

I am that consciousness that exploring sensations.

What is that? You are not your sensation, emotions, thoughts and even your body…You are consciousness. Embrace this awareness that seeks to manifest thru you, by expressing itself through you. Feel the fullness of each moment and the endless flow of each one to follow. Recognise this state in which your fully present, connect to your surroundings, relaxed but focused, expansive yet grounded in your body, mind and consciousness. Deep acceptance, trust, let go and let be in this moment “I am That”