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The Four Noble Truths

Vinyasa Practice with Twists, Forward Bends and Bandha Kriyas. This should leave you feeling strong, open and free as we apply the 4 Noble Truths of Buddhism to practice.

Why we suffer, the origins of suffering, creating a plan to lessen that suffering and how to execute that plan are the main topics we will focus on within this practice.


  1. Life is suffering – a bleak outlook but life changing, birth, disease and death are all things we suffer from. We also suffer at the hands of ourselves and by the hands of others, we even suffer through nature.
  2. There are specific origins and causes of suffering that can be dealt with and identified in order to alleviate the symptoms of suffering.
  3. Makea plan. Stop the suffering and create a path to stop repeating the same behaviour, beliefs or environments that create the suffering.
  4. Carry out that plan as it is the plan to freedom from suffering. One way is Yoga!