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The Power of Yes – Meditation

The practice of Meditation can be used to gain insight through reflection. In Yoga we call this Vichara; to take inventory, study, investigate or uncover the nature of the Self. This practice will challenge you to draw into the field of your awareness. The reflection on difficult and sometimes painful situations are encouraged specifically in order to practice using the Power of YES to self-regulate strong sensations, emotions and thoughts. You as the Yogi/Meditator embody the 5 Upayas (essential ingredients) to be able to skilfully manage the way you react to a triggering memory, detaching with love and responding by using the technique of YES. 

The 5 Upayas to refine and develop are:  

  • 1. Shraddha: Faith, Trust, Serenity. 
  • 2. Virya: Strength, Courage, Vitality. 
  • 3. Smirti: Memory, Retentive Power, Reinforcing Intention. 
  • 4. Samadhi: Absorption, Unification, Wholeness. 
  • 5. Prajna: Illumination, Light of Intelligence, Rootless Wisdom. Vichara can be a great method of making your practice a safe-haven where everything is welcomed, celebrated and honoured. A Vichara practice is an opportunity to practice the path towards serenity, a tool to help you as the Yogi learn from your past and grow to celebrate it as a teacher.