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Wk 131 – Niyamas – Isvara Pranidhana – Surrender

5th Niyama is Isvara Pranidhana complete surrender to the God head of your understanding. To have complete faith in the guiding and protective power of absolute reality behind all life and manifestation. Whatever is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. Yoga is not a religion, however a ‘Spiritual’ practice.

The teachings suggests we surrender our fruits of our actions, give all of our self over to this Grace that we entrust in and we stay open to what life has to offer. Starting thinking about what you are trying to control, be powerful over? Person, place or thing? Kids, finances, relationships, work outcomes…Or better yet, what would you like to let go of? Fear, anger, envy, resentments…

Vyasa one of the commenters of the Yoga Sutras, stated that a mind that is disturbed, distracted and stupefied is not fit for reaching Samadhi. It is only reachable by Yogis who have cultivated a one-pointed and complete still mind, Nirodha. In our focused, diligent practice (Abhyasa) we refine our awareness (Viveka) to observe what arises, discerning our choices in practice. Vairagya is a practice of letting go of sensory observation, training the mind to detach from what arises, distracts or motivates the activity of the mind that prevents it from stillness. This becomes a repetition of mind to practice the art of surrendering that which doesn’t serve the practitioner in their pursuit of attaining the state of Yoga. Remembering that Sutra 1:33 states that what is meant to be cultivated in practice is non-judgemental awareness, friendliness, joy and compassion. Not more fear, anger, envy, self-doubt and loathing. So we nurture a deeper relationship to the Isvara and use the other Niyamas to best serve us in our endeavours; Sauca, Santosa, Tapas, Svadhyaya.

As we study one-self and notice what is contaminating and causing a discontentment our physical, energetic and mental bodies. We create the heat, energy and light to see, heal, inspire and transform ourselves. It is essential to make an intention of what we need to release, let go of and surrender to. Then create the effort toward our own well-being. ‘Yoga is skill in action (Karma) with loving awareness (Maitri)’ As we wakefully make the decision to hand over our will and lives over to the guidance and protective nature of Grace. Learning to trust in this loving presence, deepening your relationship to the spirited connection to what is behind life itself. The breath is one of the essential aspects to practicing Yoga and in fact it is the essential aspect to any spiritual practice. It is what gives us life and sustains life. We breathe in this animating principle, that vital energy of intelligence that celebrates embodiment within our form. Yoga is a practice harmonising and integrating the Body, Energy and Mind reconnecting to the concept of Grace by shaping the breath so the mind can meditate and be still, Nirodha. 

As they say Prayer is asking for help, meditating is listening to that help. Forming this relationship to release that which doesn’t serve you is key to practice, as you are going to go through so much stuff in your life, its nice to feel your fundamental needs met in practice – to be safe, loved, belonging and connected to Grace. 

*My wrist is wrapped up to offer myself support as I fell and waiting for it to heal. So I might be demonstrating different things on my hand that is injured. Please follow the healthy hand*