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Wk 141 – Granthis – Rudra Granthi

We are now focusing on Rudra Granthi which is the third physical, energetic, psycho-emotional knot binding us to our limited view of ourselves. Located neck and head. Rudra is an aspect of Shiva who is known as the destroyer. He completes the Trimurti, or the trinity that explains cosmic function creation, maintenance and destruction. He destroys the vail of ignorance that creates the illusion of life and that prevents you from recognising your true self and the reality of all things. Rudra means the roarer or the storm and is the hindrance relating to ajna chakra that creates bondage of thought and perception by the attachment of identifying with stories, impressions, experiences of the illusions of life. Life, thoughts and feelings feel real, but it’s not true. It’s just a passing storm or weather, what is true is consciousness behind all creation.

Rudra Granthi gets us stuck in the ego function “I AM” “Conscious – ness” “WHO AM I” that I-am-ness that becomes attached to my achievement, accomplishments, and successes. All the labels that define me to my limited self. This knot keeps a person entangled with the delusion of their importance and has a misperception of reality. Some of the symptoms associated with this granthi is spiritual scepticism or the other extreme as transcendence arrogance or best known as ‘enlightenment retirement’, which their practice of Yoga is fuelled by the intention of attain siddhis or powers for self-gain. This type of person imposes a spiritual hierarchy on themselves or others, attached to spiritual materialism and snobbery where there may be some disassociation with embodiment which can justify ‘bad’ behaviour because they are so ‘enlightened’

The question “Who am I when I am not trying to be somebody” helps untie this knot. It’s not to just understand this with thought concept, but to know this as an experience, what you are beyond the me, mine and I, all your material possessions and concern with worldly affairs. What you truly are and have always been and will always be. This is the process of dissolving of any self referencing point. 

Through practice we strengthen our power of discernment which pierces through the samsara, wheel of life’s cyclical sufferings and frees the “I – ness” awakening to nirvana or the absolute reality of all things, even ourselves beyond thought concepts. Freeing Rudra Granthi unlocks the path to the expanded sense of Self, beyond the individual or even communal Self – Pure Consciousness, God, or Source which is said to be joyous, loving and always free.

Sounds great! To be free, at peace, liberated from any of our pain. However, most of us will be practicing with maybe a taste of what these words are pointing us to. A good technique to start this journey is saying Neti Neti. not this, not that. patiently dismisses the thought, image, concept, sound, or sense distraction that the I-ness or ego attaches to. By stating this we find out what we are not and that leads to the knowledge of what we truly are. So meditation is the best way to dissolve Rudra Granthi and start questioning what is the wakefulness, aware fulness, consciousness…neti neti.

Other ways of dissolving Rudra Granthi is asana, bandhas, mudras, kriyas, Yoga Nidra, mantra and meditation. We will focus on mula and uddiyana bandha, but specifically Jalandhara bandha is associated with making this transition to higher consciousness and oneness. We will use a few Pranayama techniques, as prana is key in clearing and guiding the I-ness to see and experience what is unlocked. 

As we have done with the last two Granthis we will use the consort of Rudra, we will focus on the consort to Shiva who is Kali “the black one” or “the dark one” She has the power to destroy the world, returning it to the dark void, a place of no time and no form. She is the one who liberates you, freeing you from your ego that entangle you into bondage with your limited self. Reminding you of what you truly are Pure Consciousness which is joyous, loving and always free. Her bija is KLEEM.